Top Pinay Beauty Blogger Maj Valencia


My name is Maj and I started Makeup in Manila because I wanted to share my experiences upon using makeup and skincare products you see in the market. I have oily-combination and acne-prone skin -- yes, not such a great combination to be a beauty blogger, right? So, I know how difficult it is to find products that really, really work.

Feel free to read about my acne journey and product reviews. I hope you find them informative and that it can help you in your buying decisions.

Top Pinay Beauty Blogger Maj Valencia

And while Makeup in Manila started off as a beauty blog... 

Over the past couple of years, it's become a space where I share more than just beauty reviews... it's definitely become my creative outlet. In addition to my love for beauty, you'll also see some of my musings, my growing love for home decor, and more of the things that I adore.

I love hearing from you! You can reach me and ask me questions at: