13 September 2018

Three Products to try from Snoe Beauty!

Snoe Rouge Deluxe Exotique Lipstick Disappointment Self Centered

Snoe Beauty has been around for a pretty long time and they've brought their game face on this 2018. I know they carry a LOT of products and it can be a bit overwhelming, so here's three products to try from Snoe Beauty!


Snoe Beauty Dry Shampoo

Snoe Beauty Hair Heroes Super Fresh Dry Shampoo PHP 599
Hair Heroes Super Fresh No-Rinse Dry Shampoo is a lifesaving quick fix that absorbs excess oils and volumizes your locks, making the hair look and smell fresh in between washes. 

A little confession to make, when I was in college, I was pretty much freeloading this dry shampoo from my classmates when we were out drinking all night and then we had class the following day. Side note, I'm also allergic to alcohol, so those were really rough and funny nights. LOL. Anyway, it was kind of an all for one and one for all when it comes to this dry shampoo... I find that it really does absorb hair oil and makes it smell really, really good... like our teachers wouldn't even know that we were in a bar that night... It really hid the smoke smell. Too much info! LOL. One thing I wished though was that this was in spray form because honestly, it just takes a long time to rub any kind of powdered dry shampoo through my thick hair. Wish it was also in smaller bottles!

Snoe Rouge Deluxe Exotique Lipstick Disappointment Self Centered

Snoe Beauty Rouge Deluxe Exotique PHP 499
Buttery Matte Crème Finish. Ultra Intense Color. Rich in Exotic Oils & Butters. Supple, vivid, full coverage.  

The ultimate transformation! Shape and sculpt your lips and make a bold statement with just one swipe. Rouge Deluxe Exotique is velvety smooth, densely infused with multi-faceted pigments and formulated to give nourishment to your lips with lasting full coverage without feathering.

Snoe Rouge Deluxe Exotique Lipstick Disappointment Self Centered

Snoe Rouge Deluxe Exotique Lipstick Disappointment Self Centered
SNOE BEAUTY Rouge Deluxe Exotique in Self-Centered and Disappointment

I love everything about these lipsticks! The packaging is really beautiful and let me tell you that the lipstick bullets are not soft compared to other brands in the market that basically bend and break the moment you apply it. I'm quite surprised by it really and hella proud because it's also a Filipino brand.

The scent, gotta love the scent! It smells so exquisite and reminds me of macadamias, kinda addicting. It's a creamy matte lipstick that doesn't dry out your lips. It does transfer when you drink but it doesn't bleed out of your lip lines when eating. Also, because it's quite creamy, reapplication is needed after eating meals. It doesn't accentuate dryness on the lips, in fact it makes the lips look soft and very supple.
Two MLBB colors you have to try are self-centered and disappointment. Really gorgeous, gorgeous colors and self-centered is a bit more pink.

Snoe What's Up Brow Review

Snoe Beauty What’s Up Brow 3D Eyebrow Setting Mascara PHP 799
Raise some eyebrows with What’s Up Brow 3D Brow Setting Mascara. It’s designed to deliver a multi-dimensional look and professionally-groomed appearance. The lightweight, waterproof gel formula gives richness in color to create fuller and precise frames in a single swipe!

Directions: Stroke brush tip along brow to define shape. Comb through.

Snoe What's Up Brow ReviewSnoe What's Up Brow Review

What’s Up Brow 3D Brow Setting Mascara is a very, very pigmented brow gel for those with bushy eyebrows. Unfortunately, it's not for me as I find the brush too big for my very think and sparse brows. I've also got the shade Ochre which is perfect for dark hair while the shade Khaki is for those who sport blonde, ash, and light hair tones. It's pretty waterproof too and I see people using this as a liquid brow product to shape the arches rather than just a gel to tint the brows.

Snoe What's Up Brow Review
Snoe Beauty Lipstick in Self-Centered, Disappointment, and What's Up Brow Setting Mascara in Ochre.

Have you tried any Snoe Beauty products? I'm still on the fence which one I love more, the shade self-centered or disappointment as both are very wearable colors. 

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