10 September 2018

Lovin Lately - August 2018 Beauty Favorites

Makeup in Manila Blog

I can't remember the last time I made a beauty favorites post... but since it was requested, here's some of the makeup and skincare items that I've been loving lately...

Makeup in Manila Blog

Kiehl's Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution
My holygrail serum! I'm halfway through the bottle now and I'll surely repurchase this serum again. It just totally works on my skin, lightening my blemishes one by one without any peeling or stinging feeling. It also adds a glow! Click here for an in-depth read.

Acne Care Review

Acne-care Drying Lotion
Who knew this thing worked? I was seriously about to buy the Mario Badescu pink powder in Alabang Town Center when I stumbled upon this drying lotion in Metro Department Store. This product works and totally dries my pimples overnight. I can't believe I almost about bought something similar for almost two thousand when this product costs a fraction of the price!

Nivea Micellair Skin Breath
I've ran out of my favorite L'Oreal Micellar Water and I thought I'd try something new which is this Nivea Micellair. This product doesn't have any alcohol in it and it removes my makeup in the gentlest way possible. For an in-depth review, click here.

Maxipeel Exfoliant Solution Review

Maxipeel Exfoliant Solution
Whenever I breakout so badly, I just go back to Maxi-peel and it helps dry everything up. I've been using this on and off for about three years now and it's been such a trustworthy product. This solution helps dry my pimples and lighten up my blemishes via peeling the top layer off. I use this solution straight for about a week either day or night, and then stop and wait for the skin to exfoliate. I like pairing this with Kiehl's Dark Spot Solution as I find that it works faster in lightening up pimple marks and scars. This pretty much works just the same as my dermatologist's green peeling oil.

Human Nature Sunflower Beauty Oil Luxe

Human Nature Sunflower Beauty Oil Luxe
I've also used the other Human Nature Sunflower Oil and I gotta say that I prefer the Luxe version. Yes, it does cost more, but I find that this doesn't feel as warm and icky on my skin like the other variant. This Luxe version also was kind of a savior during the time that I had extremely dry skin due to pills I was taking. It was able to moisturize my extremely flaky skin while giving it a glow. I used it day and night during those weeks, but now that my skin's gone back to being oily, I prefer only using it at night. 

Nature Essenials Review

Nature Essentials Lightening Body Lotion
This product feels more like a moisturizer than a lotion. I don't really see any noticable difference when it comes to lightening my skin, but what I do notice is that it keeps my skin hydrated and it makes it feel very plump. It's also kind of weird that at the back of the description it says SPF 15, and at the front it says SPF 50 -- not really sure if this is more along the lines of sun block. I'm just using this up before I move on to another product. 

Makeup in Manila Blog

For makeup favorites, I've definitely got some go-to items last month!

Makeup in Manila Blog

I'm loving three different bases right now and I've made separate reviews on all of them!

Click here to read about The Face Shop Ink Lasting Foundation.

Click here to read about the Colourpop No Filter Foundation.

Click here to read about the Laneige Pore BB Cushion Foundation. 

EB Advance Brow Define with Paddle Brush ReviewEB Advance Brow Define with Paddle Brush Review

EB Advance Brow Define with Paddle Brush
An innovative product from EB Advance that I've been using a lot is the EB Advance Brow Define with Paddle Brush. I know this sounds so weird because a lot of us are so used to using a spoolie when it comes to brows, but hey, my spoolie broke and thought it was time to give this paddle brush a try! I love it and I bring it with me whenever I travel.

Real Techniques Sponge Review

Real Techniques Sponge ReviewReal Techniques Sponge Review

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge
Whenever my foundation doesn't want to cooperate, I just use this Real Techniques sponge and somehow, it's able to tame every base and it just blends everything so well letting me have a soft and even finish. I also like how there's different sides for blending a specific part of the face like the precision tip for blemishes and imperfections and the flat edge for the sides of my face. You also kinda make your own rules with this sponge. Use any side that suits you best.

EB Lip and Cheek Roller in Whipped Blush

EB Lip and Cheek Roller in Whipped Blush
I've been using this non-stop that I actually feel guilty that I haven't used my other lipsticks. It's just so freaking easy to use and apply without a mirror and it never leaves my bag. Click here to see the other EB Lip and Cheek Rollers.

MAC Cosmetics Springsheen Blush

MAC Cosmetics Springsheen Blush
Last but not the least, I've already put my NARS Orgasm blush to retirement and I've been using this MAC Springsheen blush ever since. I know, I know... it's pretty much the same shade, but hey, NARS' formula was so soft and it kept breaking on me, so I'm truly enjoying MAC's formula. Very pigmented and not too much fallout. I bought this for my birthday too, so it's truly a favorite product!

What are your favorite beauty products last month? I'd love to know!

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