6 September 2018

Landmark Ivory and Lace Wedding Gowns - How I regret not buying a RTW gown!

Landmark Wedding Gown Ivory and Lace

Did you know that you can purchase a wedding gown in Landmark? 

I swear almost everything you need is in that store! Their wedding gown line is called Ivory and Lace and I so regret not buying one for my wedding day!

A little background...
Less than two weeks before my wedding day, I was at Landmark Alabang looking for wedding gowns. The store was fairly new... I think it was open for just a month or two, and I was praying to God that I can find a gown here. I heard that they had wedding gowns in Trinoma but I wasn't sure if they also carriet it at Alabang. 

Lo and behold, my prayers came true and Ivory and Lace was in Alabang!

The quality of the gowns were pretty good and they were so fluffy, quite heavy, and what I liked the most was that you can already see how the gown looked like on you. The price ranges from about PHP 15,000 to PHP 30,000 if I remember correctly and surely, the peace of mind knowing how you're going to look like on your wedding day is worthless compared to the horror that I've been through. 

My wedding gown designer from hell gave me the hardest time during my wedding preps and I was crying every single day for a month. My fiance-now-husband even agreed that I should just buy a new gown because my mind was literally falling apart and I was getting so depressed that I paid a ton of money for the service that I was getting.

My gown designer and I talked and she said that everything was going to be okay from there on and so I decided to move on with our contract and I even paid an additional PHP 10,000 just for her to put lace on my gown to cover my feet because honey, the dress was hanging. It was cut wrong! Can you just imagine how greedy she was? I had to pay for her own mistake. Que horror!

I thought to myself if she doesn't push through a week before, I'll be buying an Ivory and Lace gown from Landmark because it was the nearest mall to our house.

Here are the wedding gowns that I regret not buying... You can only choose three to fit and here are my picks...

Landmark Wedding Gown Ivory and Lace
This was my favorite gown except it was too big for me. It was built for a large frame, but with the stress I was getting, my body was becoming thinner and thinner and I just weighed about 48 kilos this time.

PRICE: PHP 21,999

Landmark Wedding Gown Ivory and Lace

Landmark Wedding Gown Ivory and Lace
Another contender was this off-shoulder wedding gown. It looked so elegant at the front and the detailing was all over the gown. 

PRICE: PHP 21,999

Landmark Wedding Gown Ivory and Lace

Landmark Wedding Gown Ivory and Lace
Last gown that I tried on was this tube which I kid you not, I drew something similar to this gown when I was a kid. This gown had a lot of tulle and it just felt so poofy and fun and this fitted me the best.

PRICE: PHP 18,999

I honestly regret not just buying a ready-to-wear gown. I love that you can already see the quality of the materials and how the details are laid out. It's just so much easier than the hell that I've been through. 

Have I mentioned that the gown from my designer ripped on my wedding day? Yes, believe it! I couldn't freaking walk and the bridal march was on... the chorus was already over... The song was almost done and I couldn't enter the church because my gown ripped.

If I could only turn back time, I would have never hired my gown designer and I would have just bought a ready-to-wear wedding gown like the ones above.

I mean for a second there, my family thought I already fainted outside the church and my friends thought I was a runaway bride! 

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