3 September 2018

Attending the Cosmo Beauty Block 2018

Cosmo Beauty Block 2018 #CosmoBeautyBlock

I was finally in town for the Cosmo Beauty Block 2018!

Cosmopolitan Philippines just held the biggest beauty event at the SMX Convention Center last August 25, 2018 and I had the chance to score amazing goodies for as low as PHP 7 and I got to know a lot of new and upcoming brands!

There were free makeovers, games and giveaways, and we also got a chance to see Cosmo's stellar lineup of beauty experts, entrepreneurs, our favorite actresses and social media starts up close.

Cosmo Beauty Block 2018 #CosmoBeautyBlock

Cosmo Beauty Block 2018 #CosmoBeautyBlock

Cosmo Beauty Block 2018 #CosmoBeautyBlock

Cosmo Beauty Block 2018 #CosmoBeautyBlock

Cosmo Beauty Block 2018 #CosmoBeautyBlock

Cosmo Beauty Block 2018 #CosmoBeautyBlock

The program included a chat with celebrity hairstylist and entrepreneur Jing Monis, celebrity makeup artist Lala Flores, and photographer Shaira Luna as they revealed their insider secrets and tips from the beauty industry. Lala conducted a makeup workshop to show Cosmo girls how to apply and pull-off colored eye makeup. 

Cosmopolitan also teamed up with top YouTubers and beauty influencers like Teena Arches, Anne Clutz, and Crisha Uy who talked about how they made their careers out of creating beauty content online. And hey, let's not forget about Dr. Vicki Belo who shared her expert advice on how to get better skin and treat the most common skin issues. 

The main event, our Crazy Rich Asians in real life girl crush, Heart Evangelista-Escudero also shared her best-kept beauty secrets to Cosmo girls on how to find our signature look.

Cosmo Beauty Block 2018 #CosmoBeautyBlock

Gotta say thank you to this year's Cosmo Beauty Block co-presenter Cream Silk (which I was able to try their new triple keratin rescue conditioner and it is amazing!), and sponsors like Revlon (with their newest foundation), Beauty Beat, in2it, and Snow. 

Cosmo Beauty Block 2018 #CosmoBeautyBlock
Here's a few goodies that I got... at least what remains, as I did give some of the vouchers to the blog readers that I invited to come with me that day. (Hello Tin and Clare!) 

I was so shookt when Snow was giving out lootbags to those with VIP tickets because I've been looking at them for a while now and I really wanted to try their products. They gave us 10 glutathione tablets and also a full soap bar to try! I've already purchased their toner and I think I'll be purchasing a whole box of glutathione capsules as I really wanted to detox this month. 

Cosmo Beauty Block 2018 #CosmoBeautyBlock
Aside from vouchers, GCs, and products to try out, this was also included inside my pouch. I'll be saving this for my sister as she's really into natural remedies and natural products.

Cosmo Beauty Block 2018 #CosmoBeautyBlock
The best purchase of the day was the Skin Potions Potion Balm which I got for only PHP 7. I've been using it for a few days now and I'm liking it so far. This is such a steal!

Cosmo Beauty Block 2018 #CosmoBeautyBlock
Another product that I purchased from the Cosmo Beauty Block event was the Unicorn Brush Wash from Hello Gorgeous which was on sale for only PHP 180. Click here for the review.

So here's the real scoop babes... 

I've always out of town whenever the Cosmo Beauty Block event comes around, but I really said to myself "This 2018, I'll surely be attending!" and as much as I was lucky enough to be invited and give two of my readers a chance to also attend, I also kept wondering if the VIP ticket was worth it... And I'll definitely have to say a big YES!  

Reasons to Have a VIP Ticket & Attend the Cosmo Beauty Block:
1. The VIP ticket costs PHP 300 and remember that bar from Snow? You basically already got your money back and more!
2. You get a lot of vouchers and gift certificates and without it, I wouldn't have been able to purchase that Skin Potions Potion Balm for only PHP 7.
3. Beauty products and services are on sale during the whole event!
4. Did I mention there's a 2-hour sale exclusive for VIP ticket holders only? And if you buy within that 2-hour period, you actually get a bigger discount!
5. Most of the booths have quick games and you can win full-sized products. I saw someone win a dozen lipsticks from Revlon just by simply posting a photo!
6. There's an hourly raffle!
7. You can get free hair treatments and free makeovers.
8. You get to see your favorite personalities! Heart E. anyone?

Last, at least for me, I got to take two of my blog readers to the Cosmo Beauty Block and I got to meet a few readers too which was pretty amazing!

Thank you Cosmopolitan Philippines and Summit Media for the invite! We had an amazing time!

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