1 August 2018

Skin Genie Anti-EYEging

Skin Genie Anti Eyeging Review

Skin Genie's been making rounds in the organic and natural beauty space here in the country. I've always had dry under-eyes and thought I should give this one a try, so here's my experience...

 Skin Genie Anti Eyeging Review

Skin Genie Anti-EYEging
This eye roller relaxes tense muscles and frayed nerves. It works long term to hydrate and smooth the delicate areas around the eyes, restoring a satiny soft, youthful tone. It reduces lines, helps with puffiness and dark circles and keeps skin fresh, hydrated and supple.

Skin Genie Anti-EYEging Review
It's been a year since I've first tried Skin Genie and this is the third item I've bought from them. I know they've changed their packaging for this product but it still has the same price which is PHP 150.00. 

It comes in a small glass bottle with a roller ball end. I like that the description, direction, and ingredients are on the label and it has a very subtle scent. Whenenever I apply this on my eyes, it just glides on smoothly and the liquid feels very cool and relaxing. I think this is great for people who are always in front of computers as you can just quickly apply this whenever you feel that you're stressing your eyes too much. It's just a quick roll and you're done. The product is very liquidy but it's absorbed quickly after a few minutes.

After months of using the Skin Genie Anti-EYEging, I don't think that it's really helped with eye puffiness and dark circles. It also isn't as moisturizing as I want when it comes to eye-care products. What I do like about it is that it's travel-friendly and something I can put next to my laptop or office table and just swipe on whenever I feel that my eyes are tired. It's definitely a quickly hydrating solution to tired eyes and relaxes it within seconds.

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  1. Dhes Valle-DaroyaAugust 04, 2018 4:09 pm

    In my opinion, mahirap talagang makahanap ng best under eye product lalo kung kagaya kong inborn na ang eyebags hehe... Upon reading, maybe pang relax lang cguro ito for tired eyes. :)