14 August 2018

Laneige Pore Control BB Cushion Review in Sand

Laneige Pore Control Cushion Review in Sand

I've always heard amazing things about Laneige from their skincare products all the way to their makeup products. They're definitely more expensive compared to other Korean brands, so I do consider them higher end.

One time, when my husband was on a business trip to South Korea, I asked him specifically to buy me this Laneige BB Cushion and he told me it was pretty difficult to find and offered to buy me the brand IOPE instead. I declined because I haven't done my research on that brand and I really wanted Laneige.

Good thing my go-to for K-Beauty, Althea Korea, got this in stock so of course your girl bought it for herself.

Laneige Pore Control Cushion Review in Sand

Laneige BB Cushion Pore Control
Stronger two-step oil control system!
“Refreshing BB cushion” makes skin feel moisturized inside and look matte outside for long hours

Skin becomes untidy within one hour of wearing makeup due to excessive sebum secretion and sweat! Make your skin look clean and smooth all day long by keeping skin moisturized inside and matte outside with refreshing BB cushion that controls excessive sebum while maintaining moisture.

1. Keeps skin moisturized inside and matte outside for long hours by selectively controlling only oil.
The two-step oil control system makes skin look matte without any taut feel inside skin by strongly controlling oil and by providing moisture.

2. Makes skin look bright and smooth by blurring pores and uneven skin texture!
The blurring layer, which reflects the penetrated light, makes skin look smooth and bright by covering pores and uneven skin texture.

3. The ultra-light texture keeps skin fresh all day long!
The cotton candy powder in ultra-light texture with good permeability gives a refreshing feel that lasts long hours.

Clinically proven effects
1. Moisture increase, oil reduction
Effectively increases moisture and reduces oil in skin immediately after use

2. 12-hour pore cover
Effectively reduces the number of pores immediately after use, shows a significant decrease 12 hours after use

Two-step Oil Control System
Sparkling coat™
The technology maximizes the brightness and moisture of skin by double-coating pigment with micro-sized pearl and moisturizing agent and by reflecting light 360 degrees similar to a reflection plate.

Laneige Pore Control Cushion Review in Sand

Laneige Pore Control Cushion Review in Sand

Laneige Pore Control Cushion Review in Sand

Laneige Pore Control Cushion Review in Sand

Laneige Pore Control Cushion Review in Sand

Laneige Pore Control BB Cushion Review
This is hands down the best cuhsion I've tried.

I know it's pretty expensive, but you basically get two cushions plus a gorgeous case which is a little slimmer compared to The Face Shop. You get a huge mirror, an amazing sponge, and a gorgeous white case with a holo design at the front. The cushion itself has a pretty cute design compared to other brands that I've tried and the sponge is amazing and it's easy to clean.

Also, unlike the typical Korean brands that have only about three shades for their BB creams and cushions, Laneige has about 8 or 9 and they also cater to deeper and warmer skintones.

The moment that I apply this product to my face, it makes my skin bright and my pores blur out. And don't get me started on the coverage... it's amazing as some of my blemishes become barely noticeable. But again, blurred pores! Sometimes I don't even use primer anymore and just apply this directly, plus some brows and then I'm good to go.

This cushion promises to control oil and boy, does it deliver. It truly also keeps skin moisturized inside and then matte outside for hours. I actually don't need to finish my base with powder anymore because this cushion just keeps my face matte for the whole day. Maybe I'd pat my nose once or twice throughout the day depending on how warm it is, but I don't really need to touch up nor apply powder on my cheeks and my forehead. It truly does the job and controls my oils for more than 12 hours. At the end of the day, my skin still looks great, a little dewy, but actually more glass skin, and hey, my pores are still not noticeable.

The brand Hourglass has this technology wherein they put different pigments inside the makeup and your skin just looks better in whatever lighting and I think Laneige has that same technology and developed it into their cushion making skin texture look flawless especially on camera. I never truly undersetood how Korean actors had flawless skin until I used this cushion. The poreless look is truly achievable and makes the price so worth it.

Unfortunately, Laneige has closed their doors here in the Philippines mainly I think because they weren't accessible enough and they tapped the wrong people. They were only I think in two branches, Megamall and Trinoma which is way, way, way far from the south. 

Bought this from Althea Korea for PHP 1,320.

Best cushion I've ever tried!

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