6 August 2018

Getting Bolder with J.Cat Beauty!

Maj Valencia J.Cat Beauty Philippines

J.Cat Beauty had the tita in me shookt. 

Four years ago, I was the girl with the statement dark lips. I was rocking purples, reds, and maroons all day everyday from summer all the way to Dg ecember and then something happened... along with a new boss, my makeup seemed to be garnering too much attention and I was getting reprimanded not for job performance, but for self-expression. Makeup lets you show off your personality and uniqueness in a way that nothing else truly can and I found myself having to let go of that just to please my boss.

It worked though. Since I wore more natural looks and less and less products, he didn't feel that I was in competition with him anymore. It was a good move being in the corporate world, but a bad one because I lost my eagerness to experiment with products and colors... 

Recently, I discovered J.Cat Beauty here in the Philippines and they're pretty rebellious if you ask me.

Feel Good, Look Good, and Break the Rules!

Since its founding in 2012, J. Cat has bewitched beauty enthusiasts worldwide with its rich color pay-off, fun products, and vegan and cruelty-free lines that encourage both newbies and pros to break the mold and create their own fearless looks. All of J. Cat’s products are free of phthalates, sulfates, GMO’s, Triclosan (a preservative) and other toxic chemicals. Its nail polishes are also free from formaldehyde and toluene, while also being cruelty-free and budget friendly.

J. Cat knows that real beauty comes from within, but what sets J. Cat apart is its ability to help makeup junkies and newbies transform and express all their many facets.

Influencers and celebrities from all over the world have continued to rave about J. Cat and its inventive campaigns. Online stars like Desi Perkins, Michelle Phan, and Tati Westbrook plus big-time celebs like our very own Arci Munoz are fans who love how J. Cat has finally found the perfect way to give high-quality product without breaking the bank. 

Amplify Your Makeup and Switch Up the Dial on Beauty
Since being introduced to the Philippine market in 2017, Filipino beauty enthusiasts have been privy to a massive slew of products that cater to every look from the Rock Maiden to the Rainbow Reign. 

This year, though, J. Cat invites a bigger and more fearless approach to makeup with its newest campaign called Turn Up the Volume. While their staple products still enable you to nail every and any look that fits your fancy, J. Cat wants you to make 2018 the year you start your new makeup adventure as they give you the tools and inspiration to take charge and have the choice to be as bold as you want.

Turn Up the Volume invites makeup lovers from all walks of life to take a step out of their comfort zone by making their everyday bolder. Whether that’s a new addition of a pop of color on your neutral-shaded lids, a full-blown rainbow lip for your evening out, or a versatile look that will easily transform and take you from day to night with just a few strokes and dabs of daring hues—J. Cat can elevate your go-to looks and dial up the boldness.

J. Cat’s newest campaign underscores the uniqueness within us all and encourages users to let out their inner J. Cat kitten—the undeniable club chic life-of-the-party who isn’t afraid to explore the different volumes of bold beauty that J. Cat beauty can take them to.

Take Risks and Turn Up
That’s why last July 19, 2018 at Poblacion’s Dulo MNL, five of the biggest and most innovative MUAs came together to amp up the volume to show how to break makeup rules and, instead, make your own!

It’s a multi-sensory experience that showcases various areas, each with its own distinct look and persona that’ll transport you into J. Cat’s loud and proud world.

J. Cat’s Turn Up the Volume campaign launch was an immersive activity at every corner that just begs to be Instagrammed. This retro club-esque event was filled with holo, neon lights, plush chill-out spots, specially-curated food and cocktails, pumped-up music, addictive games, exclusive giveaways, and of course, tons of makeup, that’ll turn up the volume from timid and tame to audacious and unapologetic. 

Enter the J.Cat Experience
Each station placed the spotlight on how to use some of J. Cat’s most popular products like; Lipfinity Matte Lipsticks, Eyeshadow Palettes, Liquid Highlighters, Flash Metal, Holo Toppers, Rock Glitz Eyeliners, and many more.

Turn Up the Dial with Five Volumes of Beauty
Each of our five MUAs have their own stations. Within these five stations, you’ll get millions of colors, and countless makeup inspirations as a live model gets the full treatment with each makeup artist. 

J.Cat Beauty Philippines

J.Cat Beauty PhilippinesJ.Cat Beauty Philippines
Volume 1- "Pop of Color": At Teena Arches’ station see how you can control the dial on your everyday makeup by learning how to play with those colors that you might normally intimidate you. This look can take you from day to night and will make brown and hazel eyes pop!

J.Cat Beauty Philippines

J.Cat Beauty Philippines

J.Cat Beauty Philippines

J.Cat Beauty PhilippinesJ.Cat Beauty Philippines
Volume 2- "Dare to Sparkle": The 2nd featured MUA, Hanna Pechon will demonstrate how to incorporate glitter into your go-to look. With inspo coming straight from cats with eyes of different hues, this’ll give the windows to your soul a whole new spirit.

J.Cat Beauty Philippines

J.Cat Beauty PhilippinesJ.Cat Beauty Philippines
Volume 3- "Color Me Bold": With Jherome Ramos will showcase a look based off the J.Cat girls’ essence: the fearless, loud, and bustling life of the party. A play on the some of J.Cat’s greatest hits; a medley of smoky burgundy colors and deep lip shades that’ll be perfect for every night out on the town and out of your comfort zone.

J.Cat Beauty Philippines

J.Cat Beauty Philippines

J.Cat Beauty PhilippinesJ.Cat Beauty Philippines
Volume 4- "Hologlam": Katchie Mejias will be dedicated to all things holo! As a nod to the early 70s, this look combines the past with a futuristic twist that is also partly inspired by the multi-dimensional iridescence of the sea.

J.Cat Beauty Philippines

J.Cat Beauty Philippines

J.Cat Beauty PhilippinesJ.Cat Beauty Philippines
Volume 5- "Full On Club Chic": Last but not the least, Min Ortiz, see how to nab that mermaid-inspired look that’s been all over the Net, with edgy holographic accents and dark seductive lips that will have you looking beat to the gods!

J.Cat Beauty, born in Los Angeles, California, J. Cat is the cool new kid on the block that’s sharing its loud and proud personality to your vanities with cool campaigns and even cooler products. Vegan, cruelty-free, made without harmful chemicals and at an affordable, J.Cat was launched in the Philippines in 2017 as a new brand for makeup aficionados who want to enter the exciting new realm of color and confidence. J. Cat Beauty stores can be found in Gateway Mall, Uptown Bonifacio, Ayala Malls Vertis North, Alabang Town Center & Ayala Malls the 30th. Visit their website to know more. 

I know I can't turn back time to tell myself "Hey, don't you dare let anyone tell you what shade of lipstick you can and can't wear!" But maybe it's not too late for me to go big and go bold again? Besides, I've got a few J. Cat Beauty products to help me!

What products would you want to try from J.Cat Beauty? Have you seen their stories here in Manila? What do you want me to review first?

J. Cat Beauty Philippines

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