31 July 2018

NYX Root Beer Float, Are You the Missing NYX Pops?

NYX Root Beer Float swatch review

Four years ago, I lost my favorite lipstick, the NYX Butter Lipstick in Pops. I didn't know what happened with the shade, but it just simply vanished. And then a few months back, I was shopping in SM Megamall and I saw this Root Beer Float shade and the two looked extremely the same. What do you think?

NYX Root Beer Float swatch review

NYX Cosmetics Butter Lipstick
A mauve shade. Treat your lips to a kiss of smooth, creamy color with our irresistible Butter Lipsticks. The formula’s delicate satin texture fused with highly saturated color delivers full-yet-lightweight coverage with a luxurious satin finish.

NYX Root Beer Float swatch reviewNYX Root Beer Float swatch review

NYX Root Beer Float swatch review

The NYX Cosmetics lipsticks now comes in 34 shades. Can you believe it? From oranges, purples, reds, pinks, now they have browns and nudes. The formula I find is still the same, buildable and it just glides on the lips. It's truly smooth as butter and it has a glossy finish. It doesn't have the staying power as other lipsticks do, but it's very, very moisturizing on the lips and the darker shades leave a stain.

As much as NYX Pops reached holy grail status before, I don't feel the same anymore with NYX Root Beer Float. I mean it's been four years of me searching for this exact same shade, and I've found numerous MLBB lipsticks that also suited me in different finishes and way more long-lasting. I still don't have an ultimate favorite MLBB lipstick right now, but it's still nice to find the first lipstick that I've finished and basically project-panned.

If you're looking for an everyday MLBB mauve shade that doesn't dry your lips out, you've got to try this one. Bought this at the NYX counter in SM Megamall on sale, so I think I got this for only PHP 290.

Do you think NYX Pops and NYX Root Beer Float are the same? Why would they change the shade name though?

Here's my NYX Pops post four years ago. 


  1. Saan inspired ang shade name? iba din

  2. Dhes Valle-DaroyaAugust 04, 2018 4:11 pm

    Mauve shade!!! ❤️❤️❤️ my to go shade too everyday! bakit ang perfect niya diba??? would definitely give this Nyx a try! ☺️

  3. IDK. but they look the same eh. bakit kaya tinanggal pa yung dati. haha.