20 June 2018

My Morning Coffee.

Marble Coffee Mug

My mornings usually start around 6 a.m., if I’ll be doing some cooking or 6:45 where I just bid the husband goodbye for the day. After that, I’m all alone for the next 12 hours or so and the first thing on my to-do list is making a cup of coffee.

Marble Coffee Mug

Chevron Coffee Mug

I bought this mug last December as a birthday gift to myself. I think what drew me to it was the marble with gold flecks print on one side, and then a black/gold chevron pattern on the other. The first thing that popped into my mind was that I would be using this mug in our new home after the wedding, so I kept it inside my drawer for about five months.

I have a little thing about coffee mugs and I keep buying them even though I have enough. I don’t use glasses, so that seems fair enough, don’t you think? Right now, I have three that I use. This marble one for the apartment, and two more that I left in the south: a grey polkadot print and a pure blush pink mug which I all got from Landmark.

I love coffee and I think my day isn’t complete without having one. The bitter, the better and I kind of miss the coffee shop in Southwoods right now called Manila’s Best Coffee. I just like the bittersweet strong kick that their blended drinks have compared to other coffee shops in the south. I’m also not particular about the coffee I’m drinking right now, so my definite go-to is the Kopiko Black, the 3-in-1 that comes in sachets. We do have a coffee machine, two in fact, both given as wedding gifts, but we’ve yet to buy coffee grounds and filters as we’re still currently exploring the shops here in this new place.

I also use a steel straw from SIP. Remember the time when I had my teeth whitened? I’ll link it up here. But my dentist told me that if I can’t avoid coffee, milk teas, juices, basically any colored drinks aside from water, then I should always use a straw. It seems to be working though. The back of my teeth are wayy yellow-er than my front, so that’s a good sign right? Haha. I believe I got the straw for PHP 120, not such a bargain because steel straws are way cheaper right now, but at least I know it’s doing its job and it’s super easy to clean.

I hope you still find this mug in stores. This retails for PHP 140, so it's super affordable. Landmark has a lot of options to choose from so I’m sure you’ll find a new favorite mug.


  1. I have a black mug with a "hot Mama" print (sana Momma yun spelling 😄) that was given to me by my husband 7 years ago. Last month ko lang iginarahe yun kasi may stains na. Ang alam ko mura lang nya nabili yun, natuwa lang sya sa naka print kaya nya binili.
    I'm not much into coffee lalo na yun matapang or hindi decaf kasi nagpa-palpitate ako. Gustong gusto ko yun timpla ni husband, uubusin ko big mug kapag sya ang nagtimpla.
    Nakakatuwa yun nagagawa ng cup of coffee. Nakakarelax, nakakapag isip ka at parang may companion ka na rin.

  2. Ilang kape nauubos mo sa isang araw? ^_^

  3. Ruby Anne De OcampoJune 21, 2018 7:06 pm

    Mukang mahal yung mug sis affordable pla ganda! Galing mo pumili. 😍 tama nga iwas yellowish ng ipin ung straw Hehe. 😊

  4. Ang ganda ng wedding ring mo sis ^_^