3 March 2018

Teeth Whitening Behind the Scenes at Luxe Smiles Dental Center

Luxe Smiles Dental Center Southwoods

Just two days before my wedding day, I dropped by Luxe Smiles Dental Center in Southwoods, Laguna to get my teeth whitened. I know you're probably thinking "but there's already a ton of teeth whitening products out in the market" and yes, I have tried a bunch of them, but nothing just seems to be working... and so, I went and consulted an expert.

I am a big coffee lover. I don't just drink coffee to get my usual caffeine fix, but I actually enjoy and savor the moment any time I'm making and drinking it. With that said, coffee has definitely stained my teeth. I've been drinking it non-stop for 11 years now, so this isn't really something that's shocking.

If you've ever considered getting your teeth whitened, here's what's going to happen...

Luxe Smiles Dental Center Southwoods

Luxe Smiles Dental Center Southwoods

Behind the scenes...

The procedure's rather quick and would take only about two hours depending on how many rounds you can handle. As I do have fluorosis, the first thing Dr. Keneshia did was put some gooey-looking-stuff (obviously I have no idea what it's called) on my gums to prevent the bleach from reaching the gums. Do not -- and I repeat, do not underestimate that blue liquid because once hit by laser, it solidifies and turn into plastic. You literally need scissors to cut it out.

Alright, now that we've got our gums protected, the second thing she did was apply bleach directly to each tooth. This is the part where you'll start to feel a little uncomfortable because there's a bit of teeth sensitivity going on. After coating each tooth with bleach powder, it's now time for the activator light. You'll be wearing some shades because I kid you not, that blue light will blind you in an instant. It's probably best to shut your eyes because the activator light will be turned on for the next 10 to 15 minutes. And that's it! That's basically what happens during one round of bleaching. It's really up to you on how many rounds your teeth can handle. She'll also be applying fluoride after the whole session to prevent your teeth from de-calcfying or losing calcium.

I had about two rounds of bleaching and my teeth instantly went from a 6 to a 3 on the tooth whitening shade guide. I believe you can do about three rounds in a day which would take about an hour and the teeth whitening results lasts for about 5 to 10 years depending on your eating and drinking habits.

Luxe Smiles Dental Center Southwoods
Top: My teeth before the procedure.
Center: My teeth after one round of bleaching.
Bottom: After two rounds of bleaching.

Luxe Smiles Dental Center Southwoods

Goodbye coffee stained teeth...

I'm amazed at what a 45-minute session of teeth whitening can do. This is definitely the way to go for coffee and soda lovers like me.

If you've dreaded going to the dentist all your childhood years, I hope I've given you a new light that it isn't as scary as it seems. Sometimes overthinking just gets the best of us and these experts are actually here to help us and cater to our needs whether it be removing our toothache that's been bothering us everyday or just getting our pearly whites cleaned.

Luxe Smiles Dental Center offers a wide range of services from teeth whitening, braces, and surgical procedures. You can drop by their clinic at Coral Center Southwoods Binan, Laguna or give them a call at (+254 54 11309). 

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