28 March 2018

Happy Days Club Unboxing | I Tried a Period Subscription Box in the Philippines

Happy Days Club Box Review Period Subscription Box Manila Philippines

As the title suggests, yes, I really did try a PMS subscription box here in the Philippines. 

Now, you might be a little surprised to hear that period subscription boxes are now in the country, but I actually know a ton of women who love the idea and are excited about it.

Happy Days Club Box Review Period Subscription Box Manila Philippines

Subscription boxes are actually very popular abroad and I'm so happy that Manila's finally catching up. There's basically a subscription box for everything right now... there's boxes for beauty, fashion, jewelry, healthy snacks, DIY and crafts... whatever your hobby or your interest is, I'm sure there's a subscription box for it.

And now, let's talk about periods... Such a hassle right?

At this very moment that I'm writing this post, I actually do have my period and it's the most uncomfortable feeling ever. I'm constantly craving for sweets and five seconds later, I'm craving something salty, and then in just a few moments, I'll be having cramps... and not only that, I just feel very tired. Such a mood breaker, right? 

Coincidentally, the Happy Days Club trial box just came in the mail and now, let's unbox it!

Happy Days Club Box Review Period Subscription Box Manila Philippines

Happy Days Club Box Review Period Subscription Box Manila Philippines

Happy Days Club Box Review Period Subscription Box Manila Philippines
I thought the box was pretty cute and I like the personal touches. But I noticed there wasn't information about the contents inside the box and also what website do I go to if I want to learn more about them, their social media accounts, just basic information that I was expecting from a subscription box.

Happy Days Club Box Review Period Subscription Box Manila Philippines

What's inside the Happy Days Club PMS Subscription Box?
Body care:
Sanitary napkins (3)
Skin White lotion
Hygienix hand spray

Fitnesse bar
Hersheys chocolate bar

Skin care:
Snail Bee Essence

Happy Days Club Box Review Period Subscription Box Manila Philippines

Happy Days Club PMS Subscription Box Review
Gosh, I have a ton of ideas, I think I should just basically be part of the Happy Days Club team! But kidding aside, I love the idea of this subscription box. Not just because I'm eating the Twix chocolate right now, but I just really like where it's headed.

Let's start with the packaging...  I like the box. I think it's sturdy enough to hold all the items inside. I like the font and the prints as I think they're adorable. I like the little touches they've put like the washi tape to make sure the lotion doesn't spill. I just really felt like this box was personally curated for me. 

And as for the contents, I like the idea of having various self-care items. There's food for my cravings... there's some sanitary napkins as I expected... there's also a little beauty item... although the main question I had in my mind was where's the feminine wash? Was it too obvious that they decided not to include it? Lol.

Price is pretty steep right now at PHP 795 a month. It already includes free shipping and they also have discounts and some freebies if you subscribe for three months or longer. I know that this brand is just starting out and I'm excited to see them grow and have more brand partners in the future to create the perfect PMS box for us and wherein we'll have more bang for our buck.

Areas for improvement?
I understand that this is just a trial box and next month's contents might be totally different than what I received this month... but I thought it would be nice to have a little information card about the products and Happy Days Club itself. For example, there's no website, social media accounts, where can I reach you et cetera. Another example is that I have no idea what brand of sanitary pads I got and so I thought it would be great to know a little bit more about the products especially if I do find myself liking them. Another idea for the contents, like I was expecting a travel-sized feminine wash because it's just really handy especially during the summer season as a lot of us are going to the beach. Maybe they can also include something for acne like some spot treatment products, or maybe a product for cramps etc. 

All in all, I think this is an amazing subscription box. I'm already imagining future instances wherein I wasn't able to buy napkins at the grocery, and then this box just came right in time or moments wherein I have no idea what I'm craving, but then I just open this box and poof, I see a chocolate bar or a box of peanuts. For me, it's just great to receive items that you know you'll be using especially for PMS. I feel as though the Happy Days Club team is just looking out for me and I'm really excited on this brand growing.

If you want to learn more about the Happy Days Club PMS subscription box, click here, and make sure to use the code MAKEUPIMNL to get PHP 100 discount on your first box!

If you were to receive a monthly PMS box, what items do you want included?


  1. Ruby Anne De OcampoMarch 29, 2018 7:26 am

    Ayan pla yung Happy Days Club. sakto ahh first day ko ngaun ng crave tuloy ako sa twix hahaha! Hm ang PMS subscription box nila Ms. Maj?

  2. Nagulat din ako na meron palang ganito. Maganda sana ang idea nila pero kagaya ng mga for improvement na naisip ninyo sana eh mabigyan nila ng pansin. Parang gusto ko itong subscription na ito.

  3. Whisper yung isang sanitary pad, yung white. Feminine wash sana meron at wipes. ^_^

  4. Lhai Elardo DavaMarch 29, 2018 3:00 pm

    I'm just as excited as you were opening the boxes! 😄 you know, as we all love surprises and it made me smile to see chocolates inside!! Maybe nxt time they'll include feminine wash too!
    And if i were to received a monthly PMS box it would be full of makeup goodies and Diy crafts nice duo right! 😄

  5. First of all, i think this is a great idea! We women, have to endure the pain and the hassle when our monthy "visitor" comes and it's nice that this box could make us smile and make us feel better. I just wish that it will be more affordable or maybe more products will be included to make it "sulit" for us.
    If i were to receive a box, i hope i could get some colorful pens that i can use in my journal to keep me preoccupied during "those days." I would also like to receive colorful washcloths, cute socks, headbands, lipbalms, mini feminine wash and sheet masks. But please, don't forget to include chocolates.

  6. Hi maj, I'm joining your april 2018 giveaway

    Kakaexcite naman yung laman. ☺

  7. joan rafunzel medinaApril 11, 2018 3:43 pm

    Ang saya ng ganyan, yung magsubscribe ka sa mga Beauty Box tapos excited ka kung ano ang ipapdala nila every month "Hi Maj, I'm joining your April 2018 giveaway"

  8. Ang ganda niya kasi parang may ibang nagiisip para sa iyo, kung ano yung mga needs mo, ano kulang mo, etc. I think in a few months, magiging maganda na to :)

  9. 799 ngayon, pero sa tingin ko madami pang changes and improvements na magaganap :)

  10. Haha. kaya pala. hindi ko mga brand yang mga yan. not familiar ako. true. feminine wash, yung travel size! Haven't tried pa ang wipes, pero nakikita ko sa commercials!

  11. plus one on the sheet masks but i would like them to target acne or hydrating masks. yes, having different kind of plans sounds great, or maybe something that we can choose what we want, like there's different boxes to choose from. lol.

  12. really? may isa din nag sabi gusto nila ng DIY crafts and pens. yan pala hobby niyo pag that time of the month :)

  13. Ay ako disappointed ako dun sa isang brand ng beauty box. parang pareparehas lang kami ng natatanggap ng lahat ng subscribers. sayang naman ung survey na tinake ko. LOL.

  14. yan kasi gamit ko sis. hehe! comfortable ako