15 March 2018

Ever Bilena Naturals Hand Cream in Sweet Rose and Femme Floral

Ever Bilena Hand Cream Sweet Rose Femme Floral Review

Hand creams are something I usually pack whenever I travel to colder countries. This is sort of my little hack way back in college. Like why bother bringing that large tub of lotion when you've got a travel friendly moisturizing product that fits inside your bag?

Ever Bilena Hand Cream Sweet Rose Femme Floral Review

Ever Bilena Hand Cream Sweet Rose Femme Floral Review Ever Bilena Hand Cream Sweet Rose Femme Floral Review

Ever Bilena Hand Cream Sweet Rose Femme Floral Review

Ever Bilena Naturals Hand Cream Review
Most of my friends don't use hand creams because they never really found the need for it in this hot climate. But I remember in our office Christmas party last year, it was so funny because everyone was asking for hand creams, body lotions, and moisturizers in their wish list. Note that these are mostly men who are asking for these products. They're really a must-have if you work in a super cold office or else your hands will just crack and dry up.

And how cute are these Ever Bilena hand creams? Their floral design packaging is so on point, it looks so gorgeous and dreamy. I'm also loving the texture as it's not too runny, but not too thick either. It feels like a gel moisturizer rather than body lotion. They glide on smoothly on my hands and they're easily absorbed by my skin. Femme Floral doesn't smell too sweet. It's kind of going for more of a clean scent. While Sweet Rose just smells like fresh blooms, but not too overpowering. It reminds me so much of this rose body lotion that I use.

The next time you're going to a colder place or if you're looking for a new hand cream for the office, I'd recommend getting the Sweet Rose variant. It smells super nice and it's absorbed immediately by skin. It doesn't feel sticky too, so it can multitask as body lotion for your trip. It's very travel friendly and the packaging is just too cute to pass out. 

These are available at all leading department stores.


  1. Camille Dela CruzMarch 27, 2018 1:11 pm

    Hi Maj, I'm joining your April 2018 giveaway.❣️ will definitely purchase this😍🌸

  2. joan rafunzel medinaApril 05, 2018 1:22 pm

    Perfect kasi sa office sobrang lamig as in todo aircon. Dahil laging hawak ang mouse maganda to kasi hindi siya sticky at ang ganda pa ng design ng tube :)
    "Hi Maj, I'm joining your April 2018 giveaway"

  3. First time seeing Ever Bilena with a cute packaging.
    Very interesting.

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  4. Hi maj, I'm joining your april 2018 giveaway

    Mukhang need ko to!

  5. very girly girl ang design :)