30 March 2018

Chihuahua Cosmetics Lipstick Review in Matte Cinnamon and Creme Coco

Chihuahua Cosmetics Lipstick Review Matte Cinnamon Creme Coco Swatch

I first became familiar with Chihuahua Cosmetics when I attended GlamCon Manila. They had this slogan that goes like half the price, half the size. I thought this was a pretty cute idea, because seriously, how many lipstick tubes have you finished?

I'm also quite guilty when it comes to not finishing products and not hitting pan on my blushes and bronzers. There are a few that I really love that I've hit pan on, but when it comes to lipsticks, I've only finished one tube. Usually, when my lipstick's reached a quarter of its size, I tend to move on, chuck it at the back of my drawers, and not look at that shade ever again. It's a horrible practice.

Chihuahua Cosmetics Lipstick Review Matte Cinnamon Creme Coco Swatch

Chihuahua Cosmetics Lipstick Review Matte Cinnamon Creme Coco Swatch

And so, let's have a little chat about these Chihuahua Cosmetics Lipsticks. I have two different lipstick finishes with me right here. I have Matte Cinnamon and Creme Coco.

Chihuahua Cosmetics Lipstick Review Matte Cinnamon Creme Coco Swatch Chihuahua Cosmetics Lipstick Review Matte Cinnamon Creme Coco Swatch

L-R: Chihuahua Cosmetics Matte Cinnamon and Creme Coco

Chihuahua Cosmetics Lipstick Review Matte Cinnamon Creme Coco Swatch

Chihuahua Cosmetics Lipstick Review
I had no idea these lipsticks were made in the Philippines until I read it off the box. Though this isn't the first time I've seen a mini-lipstick, I think it's still a cool concept.

These two bullets reminded me so much of my mini lipsticks from Bite Beauty, a high-end brand in the US. They just look very, very similar in terms of the lipstick shape itself and the matte packaging. There's also a "close click" whenever you put the cap back on, and mind you, these lipsticks are so small, they're even smaller than your pinky finger.

I got a little worried when it came to application. I thought that because the lipstick itself was too thin, that it would just break in the middle of applying it... but that wasn't the case. I've used these lipsticks five days in a row and they're still standing tall. Not a break nor crack in sight. They're actually better than my mini-Bite Beauty lipsticks.

As for formula... True to its claim, Creme Coco really is uber creamy when applied. It feels as if you're applying butter on your lips. A little con about it is that it tends to transfer to glasses, food, cutlery, you name it, and it will transfer. A good thing about it though is that you only had to touch up the middle part of your lips, so I think if you used a lip liner or a lip seal, you can actually make Creme Coco last longer. I'd say longevity is about three to four hours, then I had to do some retouch after my meal.

Meanwhile, Matte Cinnamon has a satin finish and it's super light that it honestly feels like just lip balm. It applies a little sheerer compared to Creme Coco, but you can layer it up and build the color. I know it looks like a nude shade when swatched, but it actually passes off as a MLBB shade on my lips. Plus, contrary to other matte lipsticks, this has never dried out my lips nor did I notice dry patches. Because the shade is too natural on my lips, I barely noticed any fading after meals and drinks so I didn't actually need to reapply this. Without meals, I think this could stay on for five to six hours.

After a week of using Chihuahua Cosmetics, my lips have been reborn. They felt very moisturized and smooth and I didn't even need to put on lip balm at night. I also didn't have to exfoliate because my lips were hydrated AF and dry patches were nowhere in sight. I love the packaging and the fact that it's smaller than my pinky finger. It's just so handy and travel-friendly. 

I know that you can get a decent lip tint or lipstick at the same price point, but for PHP 159, I feel that the formula is very high-end. These are so much better than my Bite Beauty lipsticks. And so if you love creamy lipsticks, I'd definitely recommend these ones. Sadly, I'm not familiar where you can buy them aside from online. Do let me know because I would love to try out their mini-blush.

P.S. How long do you think these can last? I've used them for a week and they still look brand new.


  1. Wheng Pretty FranciscoMarch 30, 2018 5:18 pm

    Hi Ms. Maj un packaging nya ang classy tignan 😍😍😍. Same tayo when it comes sa lipstick. Nkakahinayang kasi if papalit palit agad ni hindi man lang nka 50 % un bawas db. Both shades panalo for everyday look. 😊💋💗❤

  2. Lhai Elardo DavaMarch 30, 2018 5:57 pm

    I'd love to try this lipstick. Ang cute and sana maging available din sya sa malls not just online. Good review hope you could try more of their products soon!

  3. I think it will last for 8 hours or longer. Loving the Cinnamon shade ^_^

  4. Super cute idea!
    Wish there's something from poodles too :)
    Great review!
    The Modern Pinay's Nipa Hut of Beauty

  5. I think it's a great idea! It will surely fit any makeup kit and will allow you to bring more shades with you. Ako rin bihirang bihira lang makaubos ng lipstick. Parang trial size lang ito pero mura naman kaya okay lang.

  6. joan rafunzel medinaApril 03, 2018 11:34 am

    It make sense, oo nga naman, hindi ko matandaan kelan ko naubos yung buong lipstick. Hahahaha. This is so cute.
    Hi Maj, I'm joining your April 2018 giveaway

  7. Hi maj, I'm joining your april 2018 giveaway

    Ang cute ng mga lippies. ☺

  8. Ang dami ko tuloy magkaka shade na lipsticks dito. Minsan nalilimutan ko sila balikan at gamitin uli. hahaha.

  9. i think they also have a mini-blush, but i haven't seen them pa. wala dito sa south :)

  10. isa pa nga lang na lipstick nauubos ko for my whole life. LOL. kailangan ko ata mag project pan :)

  11. Haha. ako nga isang beses pa lang, tapos half-half na lang ngayon sa iba :)