27 November 2017

November Makeup Favorites

Maj Valencia Makeup in Manila Philippines

I can't remember the last time I did a makeup favorites, but these products right here have been my go-to this month.

I finally found a way to use the wrong Maybelline Fit Me foundation shade that I bought. I've been mixing it with my lighter-shade BB creams and foundations, and lately, I've been pairing it with the Ponds BB Cream. Don't get me wrong, the Ponds BB Cream is a very good everyday BB cream... It's just that in our tropical country and my oily-combination skin, it just really lacks in the oil-control department. So, this is where Maybelline Fit Me comes to the rescue. Aside from making my BB creams match my skin tone better, I find that it offers the oil control that the Ponds BB Cream lacks. It's just a great combination for an everyday base.

As for the brows and my ever changing hair color, now that I've gone back to dark brown, I've repurchased the Nichido Brow Gel Tint in Salted Caramel so I could tint my brows to a lighter shade. I find that it works amazing with my Anastasia Beverly Hills dipbrow pomade and I've been saving money by just buying a brow tint rather than buying a whole new pomade or brow product.

For my cheeks, why do I feel like I'm jinxed? My NARS Orgasm blush broke AGAIN. And this time, I'm ready to move on. I love my NARS Orgasm blush and the rose gold shimmer that it gives my cheeks, but this time there's no turning back. I've been using my Benefit Cosmetics Coralista again and I'm loving the natural glow that it gives me. It's perfect for that no-makeup-makeup look.

Oh, and I can't stop using the Althea Korea Petal Velvet Powder. It's this translucent powder which provides oil control and makes your skin feel super smooth like a baby's butt. It's practically replaced my Ben Nye powder and I'm on a mission to project-pan this product. I really want to use every bit of it.

Last but not the least, the Banila Co Kiss Collector in LR202 have been on my lips the whole November. I've said good bye to my matte liquid lipsticks and I've been enjoying this Korean lipstick which feels like a balm and offers a natural looking orange tint. It really complements my Benefit Coralista blush. I think my favorite thing about wearing this lipstick is that it doesn't dry out my lips and that I don't have to constantly check how my lips look like after eating unlike when I'm wearing a matte liquid lipstick. It's so easy to take off (just use tissue) and it's so easy to re-apply.

What are your November makeup favorites? Did you break any makeup this month like me?


  1. Akala ko mali yun nabuksan kong site. Inulit ko pa. Nakita ko lang yun "tried and tested by Maj" at yun marble sa flatlay kaya naisip ah eto na nga, haha!
    Wala naman halos ako nabili na makeup this month. Actually, my budget limited me haha! I am liking the brow pencil from BLK cosmetics and the aloevera gel from TFS.

    1. haha may ineedit lang ako sa site kaya ganito itsura. mas cute yung pink dati noh? :P na try mo na ba ung BLK na lipstick? parang gusto ko kaya lang ang layo ng mga SM samin. sasadyain talaga.

  2. Dapat i-Vlog mo na din yang top favorites mo sis hehe! 😊 mix mix lang para mkuha ang tamang timpla ng shade. hehe