21 August 2017

How to Start a Beauty Blog?

how to be a beauty blogger in the philippines

How to start a beauty blog? How to be a beauty blogger?

These are questions I get asked a lot.

On today's post, I will be sharing how I became a beauty blogger and the reasons why I became one.

How to Start a Beauty Blog

You need the basics:
1.) You have to create your own blog site. There are two popular systems in the web right now, you can choose either Blogger or Wordpress. I personally use Blogger, because it's easier to navigate. But Wordpress actually offers you more freedom. It depends on how techy you are. 

2.) Of course you'll need a computer, a laptop, an iPad or a phone. As long as you can compose blog posts, then you're good to go.

3.) A camera. It doesn't need to be a DSLR. We all started somewhere. I was using my Samsung Mega 5.8, an 8 megapixel camera when I started blogging.

How to Start a Beauty Blog

So, how do you start a beauty blog?
1.) PURPOSE - I think the most important thing you have to determine is your reason behind it all. Why do you want to start a beauty blog? Why do you want to be a beauty blogger?

If your only reason is because you want to get free products, I'm sorry, but I don't think that's the right mindset. Why? If you're a newbie, a) why should a brand give you their products instead of top bloggers in the country? b) The internet doesn't even know you. No one even knows you have a blog.

As for me, I was never really interested in makeup, skin care, MOTDs, hair tutorials or any ka-kikay-an thing. I was very tomboy-ish. I was never the girly-girl and I was probably the last person you know to start a beauty blog.

So why did I create Makeup in Manila?
I can sum it up in one word. ACNE.

After graduating from college, pimples started showing up eventually covering up my whole face. I was so ashamed that I didn't even want to go outside of the house anymore. I was crying every time I looked in the mirror. I went to dermatologists, but they couldn't help me. I was losing so much money with the treatments, but nothing was taking effect. It was actually getting worse.

One day, I just decided that I didn't want to go back to the dermatologists anymore, and that I was going to fight this acne problem myself. I started Google-ing product reviews and treatments until I was reading blog posts from different people. I was focusing on two things, acne products and concealers because I wanted to cover my blemishes.

I started trying out these products recommended by people who had fair and clear skin only to find out what they posted was a hoax. Why are these people who have porcelain skin reviewing acne treatments anyway? They have nothing to test it on. What are they even trying to conceal if they don't have any blemishes at all? 

That was the day I decided I'd start a blog. To share my honest experiences upon using acne, skin care, and makeup products, coverage tests of foundations and concealers.

How to Start a Beauty Blog How to Start a Beauty Blog

2.) CONTENT - Now that you've defined your purpose, it's time to think about topics you want to write about and your writing style.

What do you want to include in your blog? Do you want to do hair tutorials? Do you want to post MOTDs? Do you want to review products? Do you want to blog about your skin care journey?

Think about what you want to see and read in a blog post. Do you like reading how another person's day went? Then, you should write about that too. Do you like seeing the swatches that they made? Do you like how the blushes look next to each other? Do you like the way how they made a step-by-step process on how to create the perfect cat eye? You should definitely include that on your post.

Are you a visual person? You should never forget about photo quality. What photos do you like looking at? Do you like filtered photos or edited photos which are a little dark? Do you like the light and airy kind? Do you like taking selfies?

Always write about what you want to see in a blog. I'm a straight-to-the-point kind of person and I always liked seeing hand swatches which were unfiltered, so that's what you'll also get from my posts. Not much selfies, just swatches. Oh, and I love how one website noticed my writing style and commended me as one of the top blogs to watch out for this 2017 with not much blabber, but straight to the product reviews. That's really the style that I was aiming for.

How to Start a Beauty Blog
A throwback to 2014 when I just started blogging and Instagram didn't have their shitty algorithm. Nowadays, I get less than 100 likes which is fine (if you want me to go about Instagram algorithm, I can definitely do that in another post).

3.) AUDIENCE - Find your niche.
Cliche as it sounds, you need to find your niche. These are the people who will be reading your blog. Don't fret if you don't gain views from your first month or first year of blogging. It's normal. I'm on my third year of blogging and I haven't even reached the one million views count yet. I'm only on my 700k-ish.

An example would be if you write about natural and organic skin care products.. It seems like it's not a very popular topic, but I'm telling you, there are people who Google it and read posts about it.

Don't forget to join social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter et cetera. Even if you're not going to use those channels, it's very important to secure the same username. There are a lot of trolls in the world, and you don't want your name to be associated with a bad account. 

How to Start a Beauty Blog How to Start a Beauty Blog

4.) PUBLISH YOUR FIRST POST - start putting out content!
I suggest you write about your favorites first. Like how you love this one product, this is what it looks like, take pictures of it, this is how it works, et cetera. Just try to write about that product and include everything that you wanted to know as if you were the reader of the post. Include step by steps of how to do the perfect braid, how to do the perfect french tip, just write about what you want.

As corny as it sounds, that's how I really started. My posts were horrendous three years ago. But you know what, those horrible posts and pictures are the reasons why I'm still blogging today. Those posts are the reasons why I get blogger mail, why I get invited to events, why I get collaborations. I don't really regret those posts, but I do want to improve them. If I could've done something else, it would be that I would've started earlier. That's the only regret I have. 

P.S. Brands really do read blog posts about their products. That's how one brand reached out to me and partnered up with me even if it was just my first year blogging. Just keep on creating original content. Don't cheat with Instagram pods or blog comment exchanges. Brands and PR people know when it's fake, and they will most likely ban you from their list.

You do you, never mind what other people are up to.

If you want a part two, comment down your questions below and I'll try to answer them! One person suggested a topic about when is it okay to call yourself a beauty blogger, how to get blogger mail... I'll try to answer your questions when I see them.


  1. Ruby Anne De OcampoAugust 27, 2017 9:07 pm

    Going back to this post hehe Panu ka ng start sa youtube sis? panu ka nkapg decide? well, sa una tlga may hiya factor. hihi gusto ko din itry yan kaso wala pa ako lakas ng loob haha mg blog din siguro muna ako if ever. :)

  2. Did you post part 2 already? Thank you for this! I just discovered your blog and now I know where to get motivation to keep blogging ❤

  3. I haven't written a part 2 but thank you for bringing it up. What questions do you want me to answer or to talk about? I'd love to create a part 2, just totally slipped my mind :)