26 July 2017

Makeup World Cover Up Foundation Review and Swatch

Makeup Foundation Review and Swatch

If I told you that you could achieve pure matte-ness for less than PHP 300, would you believe me? 

The Makeup World Cover Up Foundation made me say to myself "wow, sobrang plakado ah?" while looking at the mirror. Haha!

Makeup World Foundation Review and Swatch

Makeup World Cover Up Foundation in Nude
Achieve a flawless complexion with our liquid foundation that is light-weight and blends in naturally. Delivers full color coverage; buffs and blends into skin seamlessly; smoothens away fine lines, large pores, and rough areas; evens out a patchy skin tone; leaves a shine-free natural finish

 Makeup World Foundation Review and Swatch Makeup World Foundation Review and Swatch

Makeup World Foundation Review and Swatch Makeup World Foundation Review and Swatch

Makeup World Cover Up Foundation Review and Swatch
Left: Bare faced  -- Right: One layer of Makeup World Cover Up Foundation

MOTD: Makeup World Cover Up Foundation in nude;  Colourette Cosmetics Matte Metallic Lipstick in Empire;  NARS Orgasm blush;  Sooper Beaute Contour Kit;  Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow pomade in chocolate.

WAIT! Okay, so did you see the coverage test I did above? One layer and it covered up the redness and blemishes on my skin. I honestly wasn't expecting this much coverage from a foundation worth less than PHP 300.

I got this product when I attended the Makeup World Launch here last month. Usually, when I take products home from beauty events, it would be laying around my room waiting for the day I remember to use them which would take months to a year. I kid you not. But because I was pretty impressed with the quality of their lipsticks, (click here for the review) I also decided to immediately test out their foundation.

The Makeup World Cover Up Foundation comes in three shades and I think what I've got here is the medium shade named Nude. Amazing that this shade matched me perfectly. This isn't a BB cream, but somehow, I felt like it adjusted to my skin tone just a tiny little bit. It has a warm yellow undertone which would fit Filipinas perfectly. It also didn't oxidize after setting. 

If you watched my YouTube video during the unboxing, you'd really see how I'm in awe with the packaging. The black and gold boxes just give off a wow factor for me. The foundation itself comes in a squeeze bottle which I appreciate because I find them more efficient to use. I'd rather take a squeeze bottle where I can control how much product I want, than a pump which blurts out everything. 

Another big claim would be that it offers full coverage. I'm pretty impressed with the coverage as seen above, and I can achieve full coverage with just two layers of this foundation. It truly does smooth away my fine lines, large pores, and it settles super matte. I've never had this kind of foundation where I said to myself "wow, plakadong plakado ah?" A setback would be that I had a hard time blending it out with my buffing brush because I noticed that it dries super fast. This is one of those foundations where you have to work fast. I think applying this with your hands, a beauty blender, or a sponge would give a better finish than the brush. Just think of the Maybelline White Super Fresh Foundation.

So, what about oil control? Is this any good for oily skin? I expected more from this foundation, but considering the price and the quality it has, I would have to say yes. I had to blot my T-zone three hours after -- which kind of sucks, I was expecting more -- but the rest of my face stayed matte until hour 4 and I started to look glowy around hour 5. There were times where I could go a whole day without powdering my nose and just blotting with tissue. And then, there were days where I needed to powder my whole T-zone. For my nose and chin area, I noticed how the foundation looked patchy at hour 5, meanwhile, the rest of my face looked okay. I think this would work better with a primer underneath, especially on places where you get super oily.

One time before going home, my officemate complimented me on how I looked blooming lately. I told her it's because I was testing out this foundation. Haha. I'm not sure if it was because of my NARS Orgasm blush, or because of my face-oils trying to push through this foundation which gave me a glowy effect. Lol.

Overall thoughts? The Makeup World Cover Up Foundation provides full coverage, oil control, it hides your pores and fine lines, and it also gives you a powdery-matte finish. One thing though, there were times where I felt like it was "too matte" making it look flat. Be ready to highlight and contour whenever you use this foundation to give your face some dimension. You can compare this photo here (the Cairo MOTD) where I didn't use any blush, contour or highlight, and the photo above to see what I'm talking about. It can give you a blank canvass if you're ready to play with some looks.

Get this at Pure Beauty and Metro Department Stores for only PHP 299.

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