11 July 2017

EB Advance Eye Brow Kit Review

EB Advance Eye Brow Kit Review

Whenever I want softer and natural looking brows, I always go for the Ever Bilena Advance Brow Kit.

EB Advance Eye Brow Kit Review

EB Advance Eye Brow Kit
How to use:
1. Pluck stray hairs outside your brows' natural arch.
2. Use wax to flatten brow hairs.
3. Define brow shape with angled brush and brow powder.

EB Advance Eye Brow Kit ReviewEB Advance Eye Brow Kit Review
EB Advance Eye Brow Kit Swatches - Top to bottom shades: 1, 2, 3.

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EB Advance Eye Brow Kit Review
There's only two products I use for my brows. I either go full-on mode with my Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade or go for natural looking brows with the EB Advance Eye Brow Kit.

I actually can't remember the last time I used an eye brow pencil. If you asked me to put on my brows using a pencil, I really think it would take me hours before I can go out of the house. I've just really been used to pomades and brow powders that there was no going back to brow pencils. 

One setback that I had with using brow powders was that I had to always bring an eye brow brush/wand. But that wasn't the case for this EB Advance Brow Kit. It had an angled brush perfect for creating your arches and a mini-tweezer for cleaning up stray hairs. Although very small, these tools are still usable. I love how this kit has three shades and a wax. When I used to sport brown hair, I would always use shade number 1 or the lightest brown brow powder. And now that I have black hair, I'm using number 2, just like the selfie above. I have yet to use shade number 3 as it looks very dark brown/red-ish on me. I first apply the wax and layer over the brow powder. Sometimes I even mix two brow powders depending on my hair color. I love how I can customize it without having to buy another shade. I think the only thing that's missing from this brow kit would be a spoolie.

This EB Advance Brow Kit is one of my most used products as it's very travel friendly and has a variety of shades. I love the big mirror it comes with and the mini-tools aside from the brow powders. I also like how small and compact it is that I can bring it with me to the office everyday. Depending on the weather, this can last a whole office day on me. Sometimes I do need to do some re-touch before going home as I find that it fades on my sparse areas around hour 6, but often times, I don't.

I really love how natural-looking it is. I mean you can see my brow strands in the picture right? 

This retails for PHP 200 and is available at your leading department stores, and sometimes supermarkets.

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