19 June 2017

Sooper Beaute Contour Kit Review

Sooper Beaute Contour Kit Review

A contour kit that easily fits in your makeup bag.
Sooper Beaute Contour Kit Review

Sooper Beaute Contour Kit Review

Sooper Beaute Contour Kit Review Sooper Beaute Contour Kit Review

Something I've been doing lately (when I'm not in a rush) is contouring and I've been using the Sooper Beaute Contouring Kit. I've actually had this for a while now, but to my surprise, the pans are still full.

Sooper Beaute Contour Kit Review
Packaging-wise, not impressed. I mean the case is sturdy with a big mirror, but the brand sticker on top looks like it was done by a 7-year-old. I mean it just doesn't fit. I recognize that maybe the brand wants it to look very homegrown and made with love sort of thing, but I really think they can improve on this aspect.

Second, I feel like the highlighting powder is a little too thick... I mean it's not really that shimmery, but it's not a matte highlight either (yes, matte highlighters do exist). It just gives off a very, very subtle highlight which is good for everyday use and morning-wear. If you want to use this highlighter at night, I suggest not using a fan brush, but something more dense to layer it up. 

For the contour powder, it's really a warm brown which is perfect for Filipina skin. I'm more used to lighter browns or those which hue a little bit grey, because I'm quite yellowish, so I only apply a little bit of this on my nose area. Oh, by the way, I only contoured my nose on the pictures above.

Let's compare the nose contour shall we? On the first part of the video, you can see how it looks like after a whole office day. It looks faded, but the contour is still there. Now on the last part of the video, I didn't apply any contouring product, blush or whatever... it's just eyebrows and cc cream. My nose definitely looked flatter and wider in that portion.

Overall thoughts? This is a good contour kit especially if you're a beginner. The powders are very pigmented and I like how it can be layered up. You can definitely use this from day to night. I suggest using this kit with some makeup brushes because I feel like it blends the product more evenly compared to when I'm using my fingers. The shadows lasts about five hours on me considering I have an oily T-zone, and it fades gracefully and it doesn't build up with oil nor sweat. I've been using this for two months now and it still looks really full. Considering the price of PHP 350, I think this could last you more than a year, so it's definitely a good buy.

You can purchase the Sooper Beaute Contouring Kit at BeautyMNL or directly at their website. I believe they also have a stall in SM Southmall for us southies like me.

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