3 May 2017

Hotels Near St. Benedict Church Nuvali for Your Wedding

Nuvali Wedding

Looking for a hotel where you can prepare for your Nuvali wedding? I checked out a few places near St. Benedict Church and I thought I'd share it with you in this post.

Hey, my name is Maj and I'm getting married to my boyfriend of seven years, Reg. We're already booked at St. Benedict Church on February 17, 2018 and we chose Alta Veranda de Tibig as our reception venue.

Nuvali Wedding Maj Valencia

Unfortunately, I did not take pictures of the rooms we visited because we were in a hurry, so I'll try to explain everything with pros, cons, and peso power. 

Let's start with hotels I considered, but immediately crossed out.

1. One Tagaytay Place
Peso power per room: PHP 3,500 to 6,000+
Estimated time from church: 45 minutes+

I know this is in Tagaytay, but Google Maps suggested it was "near." LOL.

Pros: They have connecting rooms perfect for families. Their bedrooms look nice for your photo/video session and they also have a pool, a gym, a small veranda where you can do your looking-outside-the-window-in-a-robe shot.

Cons: This is the farthest hotel from the church in this list. Even if the maps says that it's only 30 minutes away from the church, keep in mind that Tagaytay road is always, always traffic. I'm getting married on a weekend and I can already imagine the traffic that I have to go through at 9 a.m. if I chose One Tagaytay Place. This was very promising, but time and traffic factors were the reasons it got crossed out.

2. Technopark Hotel
Peso power per room: PHP 2,900+
Estimated time from church: 15 minutes

Pros: Good for couples on a budget since it's more affordable compared to other hotels in the area. The more expensive rooms, of course, are bigger and better for your photo shoot, so be willing to spend around 5,000 per room. This hotel has a hall if you're still looking for a reception venue, and it also has a pool for an outdoor shot.

Cons: If you Google it, the map would say that it only takes 10 minutes from St. Benedict to Technopark Hotel. BUT this road is very unpredictable and do expect traffic because it's "looban" compared to when you take another exit. I had to kick it off the list. I heard service is so-so too from other brides and they're not responsive at all to e-mails.

Nuvali Wedding Maj Valencia

3. Seda Hotel Nuvali
Peso power per room: PHP 5,000+
Estimated time from church: Less than 10 minutes

You might be thinking why did I kick Seda off the list... right?

Pros: Near the church. You can get a LOT of amazing shots from the pool to the garden to hotel grounds. Oh, and they also have an intimate wedding package for only 100 pax which includes a room, a massage, cake, food -- I forgot the rest. Anyway, everything seems to be great with Seda Hotel.

Cons: There's only two bedroom sizes and they won't pass for a bridal suite. At first, I considered booking two different hotels: me and my fiance in Seda, and our family members at another hotel. I only considered the photo/video shots and this place was really picturesque. BUT here comes the catch... If you book less than 10 rooms, you need to pay PHP 10,000 just so you can take pictures on your wedding day. If you book at least 5 rooms, you still have to pay PHP 5,000. I computed everything and it honestly wasn't practical for me and my fiance to get two rooms here and pay an extra PHP 10,000 just for the shots. You can also only fit three people per room and extra person fee is PHP 1,500 with breakfast.

4. Paseo Premier
Peso power per room: PHP 4,500+
Estimated time from church: Less than 10 minutes

If we didn't choose Alta Veranda de Tibig as our wedding preps, this would be a strong contender.

Pros: They have bigger rooms (compared to others) that's good for preps. You don't have to act like sardines while preparing. The hotel might look far from the church via map, but there's less cars passing through this road which makes it a 10-minute ride. It also has a hall for your reception and there's a casino which would be perfect if your theme goes with Vegas or The Great Gatsby. There's a pool at the rooftop for outdoor shots, and if you want nature shots, just cross the road from the hotel and you can be one with the grass and the trees. I've seen photos of couples who did shots like these and it didn't really look like they were next to the road. It looked really great as if they were in the province.

Cons: Not much cons that I can think of, except that your photographer has to be really good to get most out of the pool and outdoor shots.

Nuvali Wedding Maj Valencia

5. Microtel by Wyndham
Peso power per room: Early booking of PHP 4,160+  (Regular price starts at PHP 5,200)
Estimated time from church: 5 minutes

Inconsistent discounts. The first time we inquired, it was something like PHP 4,500... Then now, it's PHP 4,160.

Pros: Accommodating staff. It's near the church and facilities are quite new. It also has a hall for less than 100 pax. If I remember correctly, they have two different sized rooms, so opt for the bigger one for doing hair and makeup. The larger room has two twin beds which can fit four people, but you can still add an extra person which costs PHP 750 inclusive of breakfast. 

Cons: It's a very standard hotel, so expect very limited shots. Make sure your photographer mastered the bokeh effect on their cameras as this would surely help if you take pictures on the hallway. The lounge area isn't that big, so you can forget about taking pictures here -- well, unless it's fine with you to have everyone watching once they go through the door -- and I heard they now have a pool... but it's 10 minutes away, so don't even bother... Just relax and save time. 

Nuvali Wedding Maj Valencia

6. Destination Hotel
Peso power per room: PHP 2,131+
Estimated time from church: 5 minutes

A good contender if you don't mind the squeeze.

Pros: Accommodating staff. This is the nearest hotel to St. Benedict Church and also the most affordable. It's actually a hotel/condo in one. They have connecting rooms for families and they also have a penthouse. The penthouse looks like a studio room which has a divider for the bed and a little terrace but it's walled, so no veranda shots.

Cons: Rooms are very small -- even the connecting rooms are small. If we were to get the penthouse, there's a small sala where we can do hair and makeup. Very limited shots -- but at least, there's a pool unlike Microtel.

***Alta Veranda de Tibig
This isn't a hotel and it's exclusive to people who booked their venue, but I'm still posting the reason why we chose this as our wedding preps venue.

Peso power: We got two Aquatorre rooms for PHP 21,000. This is for 16 pax with breakfast.
Estimated time from church: 10 minutes.

Pros: Affordable for 16 pax. One room can accommodate 8 pax. It doesn't have the most picturesque bedrooms -- it looks like a dorm (someone already booked Case de Keziah which fits I think 14?? so we booked this) but I'm not fond of bedroom shots anyway, so it's okay. I'm planning to do all the prep shots at the garden or the pool -- so basically outdoor. It's up to our coordinator on how they'll make sure that my fiance and I won't see each other before the mass. There's a spacious kitchen/dining area/sala where we can do our hair and makeup, fit gowns et cetera. It's also our reception venue, so we have a free overnight stay after the event which is very convenient because we don't need to tug along all our stuff.

Cons: Exclusive to people who booked Alta Veranda de Tibig as their reception. This place is basically in the middle of nowhere. I think we'll buy food in Nuvali as our dinner before heading here to stay the night. Oh, and the road is very steep, Baguio-ish!

I hope this helps future couples out there and if you have questions, suggestions, just anything under the sun, don't hesitate to comment down below or e-mail me as always. All of my wedding suppliers will be reviewed in this blog, so stay tuned and happy preps!

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