10 April 2017

Wedding Venues in Nuvali

If you're thinking about getting married in the south, the first places you think about are Alabang and Tagaytay. However, for me and my fiance, we thought Nuvali was the absolute middle ground for a modern southie wedding.

Welcome to the first of my wedding series!

I know how difficult it is to look for wedding suppliers, reviews, firsthand experience dealing with these people (because I'm currently still in that struggle) so I'd like to help future brides out there by sharing bits and pieces of my wedding planning.

Now, let's talk about wedding venues. My church of choice is St. Benedict in Ayala Westgrove. I've been to St. James the Great and Lourdes, but I really didn't have that "this-is-it-feeling". It's really here in St. Benedict where I imagined myself walking down the aisle. Plus, I didn't want a long dramatic walk down the aisle unlike other brides do, so I thought this really was perfect for the inner-minimalist in me.

Now, as a downside to a new church like St. Benedict, there's pretty much limited wedding venues near the area. Here's some wedding venues we visited and considered:

1. Avida Settings Clubhouse

Capacity: 100 pax but my officemate was able to fit 130 pax when he had his wedding here. 
Peso power: Below PHP 15,000
Time from church: 15 to 20 minutes

Pros: Open to public use unlike other subdivisions near the area. Very affordable -- my sister has a lot here, so we could get it at a lower rate. You can use the pool. You can put food carts outside. I think the place would be better for evening weddings. Restrooms are clean. No accredited caterers.

Cons: Limited parking space, security -- the place isn't big enough for our number of guests. The venue needs a little bit of work done. It just looks small when you imagine round tables inside this room plus a stage.

2. Ridgeview Clubhouse

Capacity: Up to 150 pax 
Peso power: Below PHP 20,000
Time from church: 15 to 20 minutes

Pros: POC replies to texts. Larger compared to Avida Settings. I like the big bright windows of the function room. There's a pool which you can use. You can setup style, chairs and tables the night before. Has a prep room for the caterer. Generator. Restrooms are clean. No accredited caterers.

Cons: No holding room. Limited parking space. Security is quite tight. You need to have an endorsement letter from a homeowner. Needs styling.

3. The Monochrome 

Capacity: Smallest room is 60 pax; 100 pax; two rooms for 250 to 300 pax
Peso power: Starts at PHP 60,000
Time from church: 10 minutes

Pros: Holding room with bed, TV, huge restrooms -- really a place where you can rest. If you want a grand entrance, you can achieve that via their stairs. They have a secret set of stairs for the bride and groom. Restrooms are clean. They have a prep room for the catering. Generator. Huge, huge rooms for the 250 to 300 pax rooms. You can rent the whole place at a more affordable price.

Cons: Expensive -- but worth it. POC isn't that responsive. Has accredited caterers.

4. Chateaux de Paris Clubhouse

Capacity: 100 to 150 pax
Peso power: Below PHP 20,000
Time from church: 5 minutes

Pros: This is the nearest venue to St. Benedict Church. If you have a fairy-tale themed wedding, this would be perfect because the exterior is amazing. Has parking space. Two grand staircases if you want that dramatic entrance. There's a secret staircase for the bride and groom. Maintained facilities. You can use both levels for your reception. Has a prep room for the caterer. You can use the garden for a garden ceremony.

Cons: No aircon. No holding room. You need to have an endorsement letter from a homeowner. Use of full facilities -- pool will start at 6 p.m. It's really a blank canvas, so you have to spend on styling.

5. The Mills

Capacity: 150 pax to 200 pax for two halls.
Peso power: Very affordable as they have wedding packages to cater your needs
Time from church: 20 to 30 minutes

Pros: Huge area. In-house food. They have wedding packages depending on your pax. Huge parking lot. Three function halls aside from the main restaurant. They also have a house you can rent to prep for your big day. POCs are very responsive.

Cons: You have to book first before food tasting. It looks like a typical hotel ballroom -- which we're trying to avoid. You need to spend on styling the place. You have to coordinate with Nuvali for gate passes as this is typically Canlubang already.

6. Alta Veranda de Tibig

Capacity: We chose Silong Hall which can accommodate up to 150 pax
Peso power: Starts at PHP 66,000
Time from church: 10 to 15 minutes

This is the venue that we chose for our wedding. The road to Alta Veranda is rocky, steep, and honestly scary during the night. Good thing we're holding our church ceremony at 10 a.m., so we don't have to worry about our guests getting lost.

I will post an in-depth review about this venue after my wedding next year!

Pros: Four venues, two indoor and two outdoor -- accepts only two weddings per day. Lots of parking space. Has generators. POCs are responsive. You don't really need much styling because the place is beautiful as is. Very picture-perfect. You can use the pool if you want.

Cons: Difficult to go here especially for first timers. Expensive but worth it. You need to place signs on how to go here especially most of our guests will be coming from Manila. Has accredited caterers.


  1. Thanks for this "WEDDING VENUES IN NUVALI", so informative that I got a sneak peek and idea how much it costs for a wedding. :)

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