3 April 2017

Snow Skincare Aura Whitening Booster Mask and Absolute Aura White Review

Snow Skincare Aura Review

This is a highly requested post from you guys. I know you've all been tuning in and direct messaging me about these products. So today, I'm going to share with you my Snow Skincare review using the Aura Whitening Booster Mask and Absolute Aura White from Happy Hauler.

Okay, first things first, I previously had this acne routine, (click here) and then, my friend was going to get married and I wanted my t-shirt tan lines from work to get fairer. What did I do? I decided to take glutathione capsules, (click here) and wrong move! Taking in those capsules broke me out and I only had two weeks before the wedding. That's when these two Snow Skincare products came to the rescue. I used these for two weeks and I was able to attend the wedding with my skin calming down. Click here for the selfie that wedding night.

Okay, so this was my skin's status before using Snow Skincare products:

Snow Skincare Aura Review
And here's a picture taken just a few weeks ago. Much of my pimples are gone but as usual, I have hyperpigmentation, so blemishes and redness have always been an issue. Even if my breakouts are already healed and flat, I still have blemishes to worry about.
Snow Skincare Aura Review

Okay, first up would be a review of the Snow Skincare Absolute Aura White Triple Gold Extracts Facial Cleanser. Wow! Well, that was a mouthful. Let's just call it the Snow Aura White facial cleanser shall we? 

Snow Skincare Aura Review

SNOW Skincare Absolute Aura White Facial Cleanser Review
This smells somehow like "kulob" but it's tolerable and you'll definitely get used to the smell after a while. I would have to agree with the description though, I really felt that my face became brighter and smoother and I noticed that I wasn't getting blackheads anymore. 

This cleanser definitely works great together with the Aura Whitening Booster Mask. Why? I was using the mask a week before this cleanser, so I really felt the difference when I used them together. I really saw my face and my blemishes lighten up, so I would really say this is effective. 

What I also love is even though it doesn't have that squeaky clean feeling, I do feel that my face is cleansed after using this and it's not drying at all. It leaves your face moisturized. P.S. I felt that this also removes dead skin because I normally exfoliate once a week and when I used my iWhite Korea 2 Minute Whitening Miracle or Kape Scrub on the weekends, I noticed that I wasn't really getting a lot of dead skin cells anymore.

Now, it's time for the Snow Skincare Aura Whitening Booster Mask!

Snow Skincare Aura Review

Snow Skincare Aura Review

SNOW Skincare Aura Whitening Booster Mask Review
This mask smells like rose water and I love the smell compared to the facial cleanser. This reminded me of a serum I was still using when I was in Hongkong -- it broke and I cried. Lol. But going back, this Aura Whitening Booster Mask has gold in it. Wow, wait, I kind felt a little luxurious with my skincare routine. Let's do a hasthag #sosyal! Haha.

This is an overnight mask and I'm a bad person just because I don't use it as recommended. It says on the box 2-3 times a week, but I use it almost everyday or maybe 5 times a week. Well does using it more make a difference? Barely. Didn't really notice a big change on the skin. I guess I should stick to the program then? 

I apply the mask all over my face after using the Absolute Aura White facial cleanser. It's amazing because I look like I just applied highlighter over the face :) P.S. Going to bed with highlighter on your face looks amazing. I look so chic! Haha. And when I wake up the next morning, I can still see it on my face. This controls oil too because I don't look like a grease ball in the morning. And if you're worried that this transfers to pillow cases, nope. Didn't really notice that at all. 

Now, let's talk about acne! On the box, it says avoid applying on inflamed skin. But if you have pimples, isn't that inflamed? I have no idea where that statement came from, but what I know is that this is a product that's hyped about for its ability to heal acne and make your skin clearer. 

Okay, so does it help accelerate skin regeneration and make skin look healthy? I'ma have to say yes on that one -- especially on healing acne. It's not a one stop shop that would reduce your pimples overnight, but it would help heal your skin if you use it for weeks. I would have to say I noticed a change after two weeks.

Here's some before and after pictures from my breakout days:

Snow Skincare Aura Review
Before and after:
1 week of using Snow Skincare Aura Whitening Booster Mask and Absolute Aura White.

Snow Skincare Aura Review
Before and after:
2 weeks of using Snow Skincare Aura Whitening Booster Mask and Absolute Aura White.

Snow Skincare Aura Review
Before and after:
3 weeks of using Snow Skincare Aura Whitening Booster Mask and Absolute Aura White.

Snow Skincare Aura Review
A more recent picture. Still have blemishes (which isn't uncommon for me -- especially for my hormonal acne) but my phone camera doesn't really capture it anymore.
If you want to know how I color-correct my blemishes, you can click here

Final thoughts?
These products really rescued my skin. I only had two weeks before attending a wedding and it really reduced 50% of my breakouts. These products help in controlling my pimples and in lightening my blemishes. I would have to say they're really effective skincare products for troubled skin. I haven't tried the Snow Aura DD cream but I'm curious and I think it might be effective as well. 

As for cons, not much except for the facial cleanser smelling a little "kulob" which is very tolerable and you'll definitely get used to. For cystic acne, I know it takes like 2-3 weeks for some people, but these products can reduce the healing time to 2 weeks. Great, great products.

Snow Absolute Aura White Cleanser for PHP 900.
Snow Aura Whitening Boosting Mask for PHP 1,550.

Where to buy?
You can get yours online from Happy Hauler. They also have a lot of shops in the metro, so just browse around their site to find which shop is nearest to you. I've dropped by their shop in Trinoma before when I bought my Pasjel Cherry Tender Cream. I really trust their shop and I want to try their Kiss Collagen Cream next. They really have a lot of brands and products that I need in my life! Lol. #acne #acneph #pimpleproblems 

If you do give this a try, do let me know.

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