16 March 2017

Up and Up Launch

Last week, my fiance nagged me about how I'm not blogging anymore. So, to kick things off and before I blog about another lip product, today, let me share with you a new brand that I discovered called Up & Up. Reg (my fiance) and I attended their brand launch last February and I have been using their Akle Yu CC Cream for a month now. I'm super impressed with the Akle Yu CC Cream by the way, and my skin is definitely compatible with it.

Wait! One last thing!! Let me tell you about this cool quirky place called Abuela's in Legaspi Village Makati where the Up & Up brand launch was held. It's super chic and cozy at the same time. Think bright natural light, mirrors, and good food. I wanna go back!


I've never really liked CC Creams before, but this Akle Yu CC Cream has been keeping my skin healthy from the changing weathers. My skin was super dry during the colder months so this was heaven sent! It's really good and it deserves a rave!

You might be thinking this is just another Korean brand popping up here in the country, but for me, this is a brand that I've been impressed with even though I've only used one product. I can see that they're more into skincare and I'm totally fine with the brand not being a one-stop-shop. Skincare is probably their specialty anyway, so better not to compare this to EH, TM, TFS and the likes. 

If you're a longtime reader of this blog, you probably already know that my skin is very acne prone and a little sensitive to products. So, when I realized that after a month of using the CC Cream and there was no breakouts, I got quite impressed with the brand. It's very difficult to find products that you're compatible with especially in this country where there are tons to choose from. 

I still haven't used their Spider Puff Cleanser and their Up & Up Skin Refining Serum, but I've heard good things about it, so I have high hopes.

Up & Up is distributed here in the country by Riantique Global but it's actually manufactured in South Korea by Yuyu Pharma. "Yuyu Pharma sells and manufactures pharmaceutical products in South Korea. The company was included in Forbes magazine’s 2006 “Asia’s 200 Best Under a Billion” list. It has been in the business for 70 years, with several partners across the world: GlaxoSmithKline of the UK, Meiji Seika and Taisho Pharmaceutical of Japan, Lab de la Mer of France, Nonin Medical and AirSep of the U.S., Sanofi of France, and Dr. Willmar Schwave of Germany." So, no, this is just not another Korean brand popping out of nowhere.

If you want to know more about them, you can click here. Also, the Akle Yu CC Cream is 50% off here, and if you want to see these products in action, they're also available at PCX stores and Beauty Essentials Fisher Mall. 

I know my blogging schedule went from once a week to zero, but wait for my Akle CC Cream review okay? 


  1. Hi New Reader here! I'm actually a reader of Project Vanity (if you know them) and thankful I saw your blog and would love to read more of your work! I love reading beauty blogs hehe! Please continue on blogging, you look so young! Congrats on your marriage <3

    (Prepare to read more of my comments lol)

  2. Hello! Thank you so much! Been a little busy lately, hope I can be more consistent in blogging na uli :)