26 January 2017

Ever Bilena Luxe Lipstick Review and Swatches

Ever Bilena Luxe Lipstick

Yes, I know what you're thinking! I had that first reaction too! It looks like _____ but it's not.

Read on for my review!

Ever Bilena Luxe Lipstick

Ever Bilena Luxe Lipstick

Ever Bilena Luxe Lipstick

Ever Bilena Luxe Lipstick
Top to bottom EB Luxe swatches: Princess, Queen, Enchanted, Charm, Goddess and Diva

Ever Bilena Luxe Lipstick
Left to right Ever Bilena EB Luxe swatches: Diva, Goddess, Charm, Enchanted, Queen, and Princess

Ever Bilena Luxe Lipstick Review
I'm kind of surprised by the packaging too. I have a couple of L'Oreal lippies and frankly, they have the same feel for me. Same size, same cap, same click whenever I open and close the tube -- basically, it's the same. The only difference in packaging is that EB Luxe has a box, and that it comes in a very eye-catching red. It looks very, very similar to the Ever Bilena Extreme Lipsticks.

When it comes to texture, it's very creamy and it really glides on your lips. It kind of feels like a creamier and higher-end version of the Ever Bilena Extreme Lipsticks. I tried to compare the formula and texture to my EB Advance lipsticks, but they just weren't the same. I'd describe the formula kind of similar to Pink Sugar in terms of being creamy, but it's also similar to Ever Bilena Extreme Lipsticks when it comes to the application. 

These EB Luxe lipsticks are very, very pigmented. Usually, I find that lighter colored lippies would need various layers to get the color to show up, but it wasn't the same case for the shades Princess and Queen. I've never had any trouble applying it on my lips nor on my wrists for swatches because I always get an even application with these lipsticks.

For longevity, me and my friend, Jenny, tested it out during an office day just to see how long it stays on our lips. She wore the EB Luxe lipstick in the shade Enchanted and it didn't wear off after eating lunch. I think it lasted her about five hours before she needed to re-apply -- she went home earlier than me, so I didn't really get to time it. Lol. Meanwhile, I wore the shades Diva and Princess on different days and they both lasted almost two meals on my lips. These shades were able to withstand my lunch meals but not my dinner meals. After eating my dinner, I'm left with a "lip liner" look. It does transfer on glasses and cups, so be a little mindful of that. Good thing though is that you can remove it all off with simple tissue.

Overall thoughts? I like these lipsticks better than the Extreme line. It really feels like the higher-end version of it. These are really creamy, pigmented, smooth, and it really does glide on my lips. It doesn't feel heavy nor greasy. But do note that it does have a sweet scent similar to the Extreme lipsticks. My favorite thing about this lipstick is that it always gives me an even application. These are now available at your leading stores for only PHP 175.

For me, the shade that lasts the longest is the plum colored shade, EB Luxe Enchanted. EB Luxe Queen also reminded me about MAC Up the Amp (I do have it, but I haven't swatched it side by side yet) and I think the colors you should try out are definitely Princess for pink/mlbb lovers and Charm which is a reddish orange shade. 

If you're feeling kontrabida-ish, what would you use? EB Luxe Diva or EB Luxe Goddess?

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