27 January 2017

Bifesta Makeup Remover Sebum Cleansing Lotion Review

This is my holygrail micellar water.

Bifesta Cleansing Water is 100 % oil-free.
Just soak your beauty cotton with Bifesta Cleansing Water lotion series, which lifts up and captures make-up oils. With no need to rub, simply and quickly remove heavy makeup and foundation left in your pores as well as dead skin cells that cause dullness of complexion.

First thoughts? Wow, everything is in Japanese! Lol. I haven't brushed up on my Nihonggo in like four years, so I'm rusty as heck. I didn't even bother trying to translate it and read it. Haha.

What you need to know?
Bifesta is a drugstore brand from Japan that specializes in micellar cleansers.

What are micellar cleansers/micellar water?
Micellar cleansers are water-based cleansers that contain “micelles” which are tiny emulsifiers (too technical) which break up oily substances and then pulls those substances out of your skin making it cleansed. So it's like a 2-in-1 product because your makeup is dissolved and removed at the same time. You can actually opt not to cleanse your face anymore which makes this the lazy girl's bestfriend.

In contrast, oils, creams and balm makeup removers basically dissolve makeup on your face which makes it easier for the products to be removed and rinsed off. They usually leave an oily residue, so you have to wash your face again with a cleanser. 

It's seriously just like water, but it removes every bit of makeup that I'm wearing. Oh, and I refer to it as my "gintong tubig" just because it's kind of expensive. This retails for PHP 419 in Watsons.

This Bifesta makeup remover really cleans my skin very thoroughly leaving no trace of any dirt and makeup. It was also able to remove my eye makeup, including waterproof eye liners and mascara aside from bases like foundation, concealer, primer, and powders.

On removing mascara, it's a little bit trickier and you have to be more careful because a few lashes might fall out. You have to leave it on for a few seconds before you wipe it off -- kind of letting the product do its magic before removing the mascara. I know there's an eye-makeup-remover version of this, so I'm guessing that that product's a lot more gentler.

Overall, it's a great makeup remover and cleanser. It really gets the job done. It removes everything, whether it be waterproof or not with just two to three cotton squares. I didn't have any allergic reaction to it and it never dried my skin out nor caused me a breakout. Unfortunately, I'm not a fan of the pump because I don't think it dispenses an equal amount every time, but still a no biggie for me. I love it and I've been using this since 2015.

What makeup remover do you use?

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