9 January 2017

Beach Born Sea Salt Spray Review

Beach Born Sea Salt Spray Review

I know you beauties have seen this Beachborn Sea Salt Spray popping up everywhere. I mean, who doesn't want effortless beach waves without the sun burn? It's basically a hack. Lol.

But is it really worth the hype?

Beach Born Sea Salt Spray Review

Beach Born Sea Salt Spray Review
I used this product on the Ever Bilena Shelf Life event where they launched their newest products. Click here to read more.

Beach Born Sea Salt Spray Review
On the left picture, you can see my hair looking so soft and "bouncy" and yet on the right picture, you can see how the strands flew away to outer space without direction.

I used this on my damp hair, let it air dry, and I scrunched all the way as instructed on the back of the bottle. Did I see any beachy waves? Sorry, but nope. I felt like it tried to give my hair some texture and style but it failed. You see, my hair is super straight and quite thick, so I think I need a heavy duty product if ever I want to see beach waves. Some of my friends are in love with this product, and I noticed that their hair is a little wavey and curly already -- I think it works better with hair that already has some texture in it.

Packaging-wise, the design is very minimal and I like how it looks. I also love the spray bottle. I think it gives off a good amount and an even mist, so two thumbs up for that. Another plus is that it's not like hair gel or wax that leaves a trace when not properly spread on hair. I also appreciate the fact that it didn't make my hair feel dry like other hair sprays would do, and there's also no annoying smell. It's really just like water. 

So, is it worth the hype? Not really... at least for my super straight "bagsak" hair.

If your hair is a little coarse, wavey, or curly, I think this can be a good styling product for you. But for people like me who have super straight hair, I think we need to use curling irons or tie our hair up in a bun overnight to really see results. It's an okay hair freshener/dry shampoo, but I still didn't find anything too special about this product. 

I got this from my BeautyMNL Haul here for PHP 180.00. If you ever tried this sea salt spray, let me know if it works for you!

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