10 January 2017

Be Organic Oatmeal Soap Review

Be Organic Oatmeal Soap Review

An all-natural soap that's quickly become a favorite.

Be Organic Oatmeal Soap Review
I know this is a super overdue post, three months to be exact, but I just really wanted to give my two cents about this product. 

You see, I love oatmeal soaps! I think they shorten my routine during bath time. Don't get me wrong, I still love my coffee scrubs... but on a work day...? I mean do you really have time to exfoliate when you're about to be late for work? Nope. Didn't think so too. For me, oatmeal soaps are my shortcut to exfoliation. 

If you read my derma diaries, I think you're familiar with how organic products scared the shit out of me. But hey, I can't be afraid forever. Right? I'm slowly facing my fears and trying organic products again... but this time with caution! This is one of the first things I tried and I don't regret it a single bit.

Packaging-wise, it's simple and it suits the price. Oh, I have to say it -- love the price. You can call me a cheap-o, but when it comes to soaps, I think the PHP 150 from other brands are just too much. I think I got this soap for only PHP 80 at Beauty MNL, so it was really a steal for me considering this is one of the last products I added to my cart.

For the soap itself, it doesn't have a scent and I think it lathers up well. What I love the most though is that it's not harsh. You know how other oatmeal soaps seem to scratch your skin whenever you use it during baths??? I've never ever had that experience with this soap. This is very gentle and great for sensitive skin. It doesn't dry my skin out and I think that the claims described above such as "sooth dry skin and relieve itchiness" is true. Plus points because it didn't cause me any bacne, rashes or whatsoever.

I sincerely love this soap and because of that, I decided to buy more from the Be Organic Bath and Body brand. The three below are part of my birthday haul last December. Haven't tried them yet, but I think it's going to be good!

Be Organic Oatmeal Soap Review

Are you a cheapskate like me who thinks soaps that are more than PHP 150 are overpriced? Haha!

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