19 December 2016

Something New in the South: Buku-Buku Kafe at SM Southmall

Buku-Buku Kafe SM Southmall

If you haven't heard yet, Buku-Buku Kafe is now open at SM Southmall! This is actually their second branch and it's the most amazing cafe I've been to ever. I mean, I've always wanted to experience going to a place like this -- yes, I repeat, experience... et oui, we don't have to take SLEX just to go to artsy cafes like this.

Let's take a tour shall we? It's actually in the second floor of SM Southmall beside Watsons.

When you first walk in, I'm sure you'll notice their amazing ceiling. If you've seen my Instagram stories of me walking through our house, *ehem* I actually have bragging rights because our ceiling and chandelier is pretty gorgeous. BUT Buku-Buku's ceiling definitely crushed ours... so yes, fair game there. Haha.

I swear its super amazing and my photos don't give justice at all.

We're currently here at Buku-Buku's second level. And hey, did you notice that the tap is actually a light bulb? It's cool right? Their interior and designs I would say are pretty industrialist and a little rustic -- but cozy. There's a lot of metal and wood theme going on but it works seamlessly.

On special days, you can find artists performing in this cafe. Whether it's bands or artists expressing their hearts out, I'm sure you'll relate. #teamsawi #walangforever :P

Okay, now let's go downstairs.

I'm such a happy kid finding a Snoopy book in the shelves. Can Buku-Buku include Archie Comics too? :D

Oh, and there's actually a little spot inside the cafe where you can #SupportLocal artists by purchasing their crafts like these stationary, temporary tattoos, and hugot bracelets. Lol.

Aww, beshie... this for you :)

Now, let's sit down for the meal!

Their menu is a block of wood. I'm not kidding guys. But it's super cute and very Instagram-able I would say. Haha.

Here's some of their bestsellers...

Oh, here's one dish we ordered. This Pad Thai is one of my favorites. You see, I've actually been to Thailand and honestly, this is so much tastier than the authentic one. Lol. The serving is pretty big too, good for sharing. And I'm actually hungry and craving now because of this picture :( This is one dish I'll surely come back for.

For pica-pica, I would definitely recommend their Sisig Nachos. Our favorite sisig dish plus some crunchy nachos + cheese is just the perfect combination. You need to try this bes. It's perfect for a family appetizer OR as pulutan with the barkada + beer.

Now, Pesto Bicolano is one of the oddest dishes I've tried in my life. Sorry, I'm just not that adventurous. Haha. I love pesto and anything pasta, BUT I'm not really familiar with Bicol dishes. The fish in the dish is actually mackarel and my friends told me that it tasted like Bicol Express. It's a little weird at first... I guess my taste palettes were just adjusting. But I actually enjoyed it. Love, love the fish and the dish is good for sharing too. 

Overall, love the cafe. Love the interior and the theme. Love the ambiance. Love the food. Love the serving and the pricing. I really loved the overall experience. This is definitely something new in the south :)

And now, I leave you with a quick video of their food! Au revoir!

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