12 December 2016

Colourpop Alyssa, November, Point Zero Ultra Satin Lips Review and Swatches

Colourpop Alyssa November Point Zero

I love MLBB lips. I've got a ton of my-lips-but-better shades in my stash and I've never regretted buying them! And hey, Kathleen Lights just made all our wishes come true when she collaborated with Colourpop for these gorgeous ultra satin lips shades called Alyssa, November, and Point Zero. 

These shades are super gorgeous, you need them in your life.
Colourpop Alyssa November Point Zero

Colourpop Alyssa November Point Zero

Colourpop Alyssa November Point Zero

Colourpop Alyssa November Point Zero

Point zero - A cool toned grey brown.
November - A mid-tone warm peachy pink.
Alyssa - A neutral dusty pink.

Wait, what happened Colourpop? What happened to your doe foot applicators?

Colourpop November wand.

Colourpop Frick n Frack wand.
For the review, you can click here.

Top to bottom: Colourpop Point Zero, November, and Alyssa.

Left to right: Colourpop Alyssa, November, and Point Zero.

I'll repeat what I just said a while ago... these shades are super gorgeous, you need them in your life. I'm dead serious on these one babes, especially if you are a MLBB lipstick lover like me.

I'm assuming Colourpop Point Zero was made for people with deeper skin tones. I agree very much with the color description of being a cool toned greyish-brown. It reminds me very much of NYX Taupe and it's perfect if you want the grunge vibes. If you want to do the liquid lipstick challenge circling around YouTube, you can definitely use this for contour!

Colourpop November is a little pinker than Alyssa but equally as beautiful on your lips. It gives off a little more punch of color and it's perfect for school, work, family occasions, ugh, just about every single day of our lives! It's just super wearable okay? :)

Lastly, Colourpop Alyssa would be my favorite out of the three. A neutral dusty pink shade which matches my lips perfectly, making it look so much better than my normal dried out lips. I really love how this shade, even though a little lighter, is still as pigmented as Colourpop's other deeper colors.

If you haven't tried any Colourpop ultra satin lips yet, it's such a dream to wear. It's amazingly pigmented. It's super long-wearing whether it be a nude or a dark shade, plus it doesn't dry out your lips.

The only con for me would be the doe foot applicator. What happened Colourpop? I loved your old wand applicators! They worked very well with your formula... so what happened?

Anyway, you can still apply these shades evenly using these wands, so it's still usable. Wait, has Colourpop addressed this mess? I remember something about Kylie Cosmetics having the same issue on their lip glosses. Is this issue over? Did they revert back to the old ones?

Can somebody tell me? I'm quite late with makeup news! Hahaha

Anyway, you can get these Colourpop Kathleen Lights Ultra Satin Lips from @colourpopph on Instagram.

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