15 December 2016

Beauty Essentials by Eren McKayE

It was my first time visiting Beauty Essentials by Eren McKayE at Fisher Mall last week. Ang layo ko kasi diba? Haha. But anyway, I was surprised with the amount of makeup products, skincare products, makeup and other beauty tools inside the store. I didn't expect to see so many brands from the US, the UK, Thailand, Korea, and so much more. Here's a quick tour on what they've got on the shelves!

Now, this isn't just an ordinary day for Beauty Essentials. It's actually their first anniversary at Fisher Mall + the launch of Ellela and their very own Eren McKayE cosmetics. 

Ellela was recognized just last September for its unique formulation and it received the Seal of Excellence Award 2016 and Most Innovative Skincare Formulation by the Asian Achiever Award 2016. Ellela's main ingredient is Ginseng and it promises youthfulness of the skin, its ability to strengthen the elasticity of skin, nourish it, and keep it fresh-looking. Ginseng has been used by Koreans for ages for its healing properties.

So far, I've used the Ginseng Therapy Refreshing Gel from the line. It's a gel-type moisturizer which I keep with me in the office and I'd have to give it a thumbs up when it comes to the moisturizing claims.

Here's a sneak peek of the Eren McKayE makeup line. It's made from the US plus it's gluten, lead, and paraben free.

Eren McKayE Flawless Powder - I think there's like five or six shades and this is very soft to the touch. It can also offer full coverage.
Price: PHP 649

Eren McKayE Contour Powder - This is my favorite among the bunch. The shades are super smooth, easy to blend, and I love how it applies on my skin + the contour shades are really gorgeous. I really love those three shades. 
Price: PHP 1,249

Eren McKayE Brow Gels - I like these three colors. The ones I see in the market are either too yellowish or red, so these three are really the true browns.
Price: PHP 399

Eren McKayE Blushes - There's five shades and unfortunately, I wasn't able to swatch them all. If you want to see the shades, just search for it on Instagram using #erenmckay.
Price: PHP 299

Eren McKayE Brow Definer - I think this can be a multi-tasking product because of the tones. Lol. If you want to see the swatches, just scroll through Instagram using #erenmckay.
Price: PHP 310

Eren McKayE Classic Matte Lipstick - There's seven shades available and I think the shade nutmeg is my favorite out this line. It's the most MLBB looking shade. Just scroll through #erenmckay on Instagram for the swatches.
Price: PHP 399

Eren McKayE Matte Lip Stay - There's four shades on this matte liquid lipstick that promises not to be drying. My favorite is the shade nude. For swatches, just scroll through #erenmckay on Instagram.
Price: PHP 599

Eren McKayE Lip Seal - This is kind of intriguing because it's supposed to seal the color in your lips but it looks clear. I also didn't get to swatch it, but it looks kind of a gloss.
Price: PHP 310

Here's some beauty bloggers and YouTubers that I met during the event.

What's in my loot bag?

I was able to take home a few Ellela skin care products, an Ablou brightening toner mist -- kind of curious because the main ingredient is carrots, and some Eren McKayE makeup. I've got a brow definer which looks kind of taupe-ish in color and I've also got a Matte Lip Stay in the shade Ruby if I'm not mistaken. So kontrabida feels babe.

If you're hesitant to buy makeup online, you can swatch and buy them over at Beauty Essentials in Fisher Mall. There's ridiculously a LOT of brands inside the store including Real Techniques, Milani, Gosh, Wet N Wild, Ben Nye, Urban Decay, Snow Skincare -- ugh, just a lot!

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