6 December 2016

Back to Black with Pixxel Color Cream

If you haven't seen it yet on my latest Instagram posts, yes, I have gone back to dark side! 

From my super light brown hair right here, I've magically transformed into another person with only one box of Pixxel Color Cream + a hair cut. If you want to read my ancient review years ago, you can click here. But anyway, I just wanted to share an updated review for Pixxel because now, I've gone back to black (almost!)

When I was younger, coloring my hair was for style purposes... or more of me wanting to have a new look. But now that I'm a tita, it's all about getting those pesky grey hairs covered! Haha. It's not a joke. It's okay to see a few strands here and there. But when your hairdresser tells you you've got like 100 pieces of grey hairs in a specific spot, it's time to panic! Lol.

Three reasons why I went back to dark hair:
1. I wanted to cover my grey hairs. #aging
2. I don't want to retouch my roots every 1-2 months. Super halata pag light brown hair!
3. I'm tired of mixing brow products just to have my brows match my hair. Ang hirap kaya!

Quick thoughts?
I've been using Pixxel Color Cream for years now. I've tried other brands, but somehow, I just kept going back to this. Not only is this super easy to use, it's also very affordable at PHP 129. It really works well and it doesn't fade quickly like the other brands I've tried. My hair looked extremely black for the first week, and on the second week, it started to look more dark brown especially when the light hits it.

Minus points because the box doesn't include gloves or any hair treatment and the smell is quite strong. I did notice that my hair is super dry whenever I use this, so yes, you do need to apply treatment after. But at the very least, I can attest that I've never experienced any stinging sensation or allergic reactions with this hair product.

Would I recommend this? Yes. Easy to use, affordable, and it just really works well as a hair color. It's also widely available at groceries and department stores, so you don't need to order it online.

Would you consider going back to the dark side?

P.S. I'll get the color black next time + I wouldn't recommend dying your brows with this. It may be too strong -- just by judging from the smell.

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