16 November 2016

The Face Shop Jeju Aloe Gel Review

Today's post will be about one of my "needed" and favorite products, The Face Shop Jeju Aloe Gel.

If you grew up with sensitive, dry, and allergy-prone skin like mine, then I think this would be a good product for you. I can definitely say that my skin is super maarte. It's always dry, always itchy -- and by always, I mean the moment I set my arms on top of a table, I would be scratching right away. 

I don't know what the problem is, but I've used a ton of creams prescribed or over-the-counter, and nothing just seems to work. The last resort would always be taking in anti-histamine pills, but of course, I don't want to be dependent on that.

So anyway, I just stumbled upon this product when I was inside The Face Shop buying my Oil Control Water Cushion. Don't get me wrong, I am still super in love with my iWhite Korea Aqua Moisturizer but I knew I wanted to try this Jeju Aloe Gel for my body -- and yes, I'm glad I took it home :)

I've found a couple of uses for this Jeju Aloe Gel:
1. Of course, you can use this as a face and body moisturizer.
2. You can use this as a gel for baby hairs.
3. You can apply this on your sun burnt skin.
4. You can apply this over irritated skin.

One of the most common reasons why skin gets irritated or itchy is because it's dry. What I found out is that this product doesn't only moisturize skin... it also brings in a soothing and calming effect. It's kind of cold at first, but this feels really, really good on itchy skin. I've been there! Haha. This aloe gel smells suuuper good. It feels refreshing, very moisturizing, and the best part is it doesn't feel sticky at all. I guess that's why I love it so much :) I can use this on the face or the body and I don't have to deal with any sticky feeling especially in the summer. It keeps my skin moisturized and soft, plus I can save my anti-histamines for the worst-case-scenario moments. Lol. 

I believe this (really big tub of) Jeju Aloe Gel retails for PHP 180 nationwide in The Face Shop stores. I bought this months ago, so I can't remember the exact price. But I've finished half of this tub and I'll surely be buying another!

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