1 November 2016

QT Nailpolish Chromatic Colors Launch

QT Nailpolish

I have to admit I'm not the best person to ask about nail care, top coats, quick dry coats and everything under the sun about nails. But hey, nail polishes are still something I buy and enjoy collecting. I heard a quote once about rewarding yourself with simple things like a lip balm or a lipstick after a stressful day at work, but for me, I like rewarding myself with a trip to the department store and a bottle or two of nail polishes.

Weens Cosmetics Philippines is the first and only brand manufacturing 5-free non-toxic formula polishes. It is cruelty free, vegan, made locally, and of course, FDA approved. They currently have 200 shades in their collection. They have been receiving requests for chromatic shades or "visions of the rainbow" kinds of colours, and so ta-da! I present to you guys their newest QT by Weens chromatic nail polish colours.

QT Nailpolish

QT Nailpolish
I'm surrounded by huge nail polish bottles and I couldn't be happier.

QT Nailpolish
With Joyce Sola.

QT Nailpolish
And here's me with the owner, sir Michael.

Here are the nail polishes swatches in play:

DUCHESS – Blissfully flaunting the classy sense of chromatic gives this polish a Royal Finish. 

ECSTASY- Free of expressing all colors. This shade gives a never-ending euphoria of colors giving its wearers sense of ecstasy on their nails.

GREEN INFERNO – This color gives nails an overpowering warmth of green with yellow, gold, and a dash of pink illuminating on top.

ILLUSION - Extensive selection of rainbow colors that offers an illusion of polychromatic colors on your nails.

IMPULSE – Blazing the chromatic luster on your nails while it reflects its hued effects. Giving a multi-chrome effect.

LUMIERE – Features versatile soft tones with vibrant holographic daring colors.

MYSTIFY – Bedazzled with either pink or purple or is it yellow or gold. It’s a mysterious multi-chromatic pigment that forms amazing colors on your nails.

RED WARRIOR – Imagine your nails, battling intermediate primary palettes while resonating the aura of colors on your hand.

VILLAIN – Be a villain with dramatic colors of purple with bold and vivid psychedelic colors on your nails!

WARLOCK – Experiment the dominating strength of yellowish-gold with a hint of pink chromatics while creating a balanced outlook. 

I'm wearing Ecstasy here. It's a gorgeous color that changes shades from gold to brown to rose. The color changes depending on how much light reflects on my nails.

Packaging-wise, it's just the perfect size and there's a little grip on the cap which I love. On the nails, it looks similar to the sand polishes I own, but it's uber smooth when you touch it. It also doesn't have glitter on it, so it's just purely the light reflecting colours. This polish is also quite pigmented as I was able to achieve full color in just one coat. It's super easy to apply and it dries within a minute or two.

When it comes to longevity and chipping, I'd have to give this a 10/10. You see, I didn't put any top coat nor a clear polish when I applied Ecstasy on, plus I was also washing the dishes for the whole week and my nails nor the color did not chip at all. How amazing is that right? :) Oh, and when it's time to take it off, there's really no hassle at all.

If there's love at first swipe in lipsticks, I'm going to have to say I fell in love with one coat upon using these QT by Weens nail polishes. Quality is top notch. It's easy to use, lasts long, I didn't experience any chipping for a week, and it's easy to remove. I highly recommend these guys! Especially for the southies out there, you have to try them. I found their stall at Metro Department Store ATC and they seriously have a lot of shades!

You can visit them on Facebook here and Instagram here to see more of their line. As of now, they are available at Cash & Carry Supermarkets, Gaisano Malls, KCC Malls, Makati Supermarket Alabang, Metro Department Stores, Prince Group of Companies, Sta. Lucia Dept. Store and Unimart.


  1. Ruby Anne De OcampoNovember 01, 2016 12:46 pm

    Ang gaganda! bet ko yan ecstacy at mystify ♥ parang lahat nman mgnda pati quality sna mgkaron na din sa mga watsons and supermarkets. PS: Sis akala ko nails mo yung mahaba hehe hinhintay ko yung maiksing nails nsa huli pla. Hehe ;) thanks sa blog mo sis madali mmkakapgdecide kung anu magandang piliin na color.