27 November 2016

Ever Bilena's Newest Products + First Impressions

Ever Bilena Maj Valencia Makeup in Manila

Remember the #EBShelfLifeBlogger Event I attended? I just wanted to show you some of the products that I got. I know some of these are already in the market and some are just coming out. I've already used a few of these, so I'll be including a quick little first impressions below.

Ever Bilena Maj Valencia Makeup in Manila

Ever Bilena Maj Valencia Makeup in Manila

Ever Bilena Maj Valencia Makeup in Manila

New scents from BlackWater: I like all of them and do note that the yellow one is marked for Activ, so it's perfect for hitting the gym. Meanwhile, the Rose Gold packaging on the BlackWater Gold smells a little sweet, but not overpowering. So, all thumbs up from me.

Coming from EB Naturals, they've released a daily sunscreen which I've used. I don't know how much SPF it has because it doesn't say so in the packaging, but it feels light and it doesn't make my face white.

I haven't used the hand cream, but it smells really nice. It smells super light, a little "cottony" if there's such a thing, and I'm excited to use it at work. I hope it really moisturizes my hands in the cold AC. 

I also haven't tried out the two EB Naturals soaps namely the kojik and the whitening papaya, but I do know they're already out in the market.

If you're a fan of the original red lip and cheek tint, rejoice now because they've got a new shade, a little plummy in color + they also released a smaller one for the Careline brand. I've used these and they're extremely easy to use. Not moisturizing on the lips, but they do perform well as lip and cheek tints. 

Apologies since I don't have a review yet of this eyeshadow palette. But yes, I've swatched it before during the event, and it's a mix of mattes and shimmers. It also comes in the same packaging as the Urban Decay Naked 2. Is it a dupe? Not sure yet... I don't own Naked 2, but I did own Naked 3 before, and I do have some Urban Decay eyeshadows, so it'll be an easy comparison for sure.

Ohh, I love this EB Advance Eyebrow Kit. If you're into dipbrow pomades, and you can't remember how to use eyebrow pencils, just get this. I love how there's three shades + a brow gel + tweezers and a flat angled brush. If you have super light brown hair and don't know what to use, you can try this too.

Last products I have with me are the EB Advance Supreme Lipsticks and the EB Advance Liquid Lipstick. I do have some reviews of the supreme lipsticks in here somewhere (just use the search button for that) but a first impression for the liquid lipstick would be that it doesn't dry matte. It's a little moisturizing, also offers longlasting color, but again, not matte. Will they be releasing one in the future? Hmm... I don't know, but I hope they release MLBBs.

And that's it for my quick Ever Bilena haul. Let me know what products you've tried, or that you're curious about. And let me know what you want me to review first.

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