28 November 2016

Call Me Gluta White Review

Call Me Gluta White Review

I believe the last time I took glutathione was February 2016. I had a wedding to attend to that summer and I wanted my T-shirt tan lines to disappear. I had a good experience at first with Gluta Nano Plus 900k, but I soon stopped it. If you want to know more about that story, you can click here. But if you want to know more about Call Me White Gluta, keep on reading.
Call Me Gluta White Review

Call Me Gluta White Review

Call Me Gluta White Review
Again, I'm not a regular user of glutathione. I only use them whenever I get super tan from the beach or when my makeup products don't match me anymore. Lol. (Yes, drinking gluta is wayy cheaper than buying a whole new set of products). But anyway, I did get a little tan these past couple of months mainly because I was in the cemetery visiting my mom. And if you've ever been to Eternal Gardens Caloocan, you will know that "shade" is not in their vocabulary.

Now, who has watch tan-lines? Raise your hands!

Well I used to have it, but then I started drinking Call Me White Gluta and it's really helped out a lot. If you can see my wrist above, you'll notice a slightly lighter watch tan-line which kind of looks smoother too. I've finished two boxes of Call Me White Gluta and the end results are impressive.

The million dollar question of course is "Does it work?"

And my million dollar answer would be a big yes. This really did make my skin lighter and it evened out my overall skin tone especially for the watch tan-line. I promise it was wayyy darker before I started drinking CMW Gluta. Also, unlike other glutathione products, this isn't actually a capsule. It's in a tablet form and it kind of tastes like berries. If you're used to drinking tablets, then this is a no-biggie for you. But for people like me who finds it difficult to intake big tablets, I suggest drinking this with C2 or any iced tea. 

I didn't even pair this with vitamin C or any other multivitamins, and yet, I already saw a difference at week 3. I noticed that my watch tan-line was getting lighter and I had a little bit of a glow. Oh, do note that I did experience itching on the first week BUT I did not experience any acne breakout at all.

Overall, I'm actually impressed with how Call Me White Gluta performed. I was only taking one tablet a day (instead of the suggested two tablets a day), and yet it lightened and evened out my skin tone in only three weeks. It's also a big deal for me that I didn't experience any horrible acne breakout unlike when I took Nano 800K. This really deserves a thumbs up from me and I'd definitely recommend it.

One box retails for PHP 1,300 and I got this from @happyhaulerph on Instagram.

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