3 October 2016

Epoch Essential Oils Launch

NU Skin Epoch Essential Oils

A few weeks ago, I attended the launch of Epoch Essential Oils from Nu Skin at the SMX Convention Center, SM Aura. I've heard about Nu Skin a few years ago, but I knew their products were more for the more mature aged. I didn't really feel the need to try them out because I'm still in my mid 20s.

But anyway, I was thinking if I should write more about these Epoch Oils from Nu Skin, but then again, I figured it's going to be a very lengthy post. So, I'll just give a really quick summary from what I learned about these new oils.

In a nutshell, these Epoch Essential Oils can be used purely by itself, or you can mix them up with other ingredients -- hence the DIY recipes and pictures you can see above. If you choose to use it purely, you can add it to a humidifier, a diffuser, or even heat it up with an oil burner. If you choose to mix things up, you can add these oils to your cleanser, create your own body scrub, lotions, hydrating mists, and the list goes on.

What makes these Epoch Essential Oils special though, is that they have the gift of science mixed in with them. They have studies that show -- with regular use of these oils -- improvement on your stress levels, your lack of sleep, your frequent headaches, heck they even have studies that these oils can help with scoliosis. It's the only brand wherein I've heard claims like that, and they have studies to prove the results. Opting to add these oils into your beauty routine would make them as effective as used alone.

Okay, so there you have it. That's how I spent my Saturday afternoon -- learning all about these new products from Nu Skin. Until the next post!

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