30 August 2016

BCL W Eye Strong Waterproof Eyeliner

BCL Eyeliner Review Swatch

For today's quick review, I've got a multi-purpose liquid eyeliner called BCL W Eye Strong Waterproof Eyeliner. Why multi-purpose? Well actually, it's got the liquid eyeliner on one end and a pretty natural brown eyeshadow on the other end. I mean how handy could that be?

We all have our favorites and my holy grail eyeliner is hands down the Stila All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner. But does the BCL W Eye Strong Waterproof Eyeliner stand a chance?

BCL Eyeliner Review Swatch
It has a pretty smooth felt tip brush.

BCL Eyeliner Review Swatch
And it's pretty pigmented too when creating fine lines.

BCL Eyeliner Review Swatch

BCL Eyeliner Review Swatch
This is the eyeliner I used for this Maybelline MOTD (click here).

BCL W Eye Strong Waterproof Eyeliner Review
I actually like this eyeliner! Packaging is very cute. The felt tip brush is stiff enough that I can create fine thin lines, but soft enough that it doesn't hurt my eye lids when I create a cat eye. One end is liquid eyeliner and the other end is an eyeshadow stick. The eyeshadow stick is something that's very easy to use too. The pen is attached to a small sponge which you can use for applying/blending eyeshadow. The eyeshadow looks like a very natural brown and it has small glitters -- which you don't really notice once it's on your lids. It's a color that's so easy to use. Let's add up that this is great for travelling and great for your makeup bag since it's a 2-in-1 product.

In terms of longevity, the eyeshadow fades naturally and gracefully without primer. Meanwhile, the liquid eyeliner lasts the whole day in this tropical country. It never smudged on me or gave me raccoon eyes be it an el-nino-kinda-day or a la-nina-kinda-day, so yes, it's pretty great.

Now, how does BCL stand against my Stila holy grail eyeliner? Stila's black is definitely more pigmented "blacker" compared to BCL. Other than that, BCL gives a pretty great fight. BCL W Eye Strong Waterproof Eyeliner is easy to use, doesn't hurt my eyelids, lasts all day, even sweat proof and water proof. It's a really great eyeliner for the price of PHP 699 which is still cheaper than Stila considering you're also getting an eyeshadow stick. 

If you have a small makeup bag and your staples to the office/school are eyeliner + natural brown eyeshadow, I'd suggest getting the BCL W Eye Strong Waterproof Eyeliner over Stila. 

You can find BCL in Landmark and SM department stores. 

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