5 July 2016

Kylie Cosmetics in Mary Jo K

Kylie Cosmetics in Mary Jo K Review Swatch

What's the first thing that came to my mind when I got my hands on the Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kit? 

I said to myself "This better be worth the hype, because this is more expensive than Chanel." Yup. I remember posting that as a Facebook status just because damn, this lip kit is selling like PHP 2,500+ here in the country.

You'll definitely hear a lot of things about Kylie Cosmetics. From how Kylie is duping Colourpop, to Jeffree Star dissing these products saying these aren't worth it, blah, blah... just everything from good to bad. Ugh. I just figured that I had to find out for myself.

I have the shade Mary Jo K and I got this lip kit from @all_about_authentic on Instagram.

Kylie Cosmetics in Mary Jo K Review Swatch Kylie Cosmetics in Mary Jo K Review Swatch

Kylie Cosmetics in Mary Jo K Review Swatch

The applicator is quite small but it packs a punch of the liquid product.

Kylie Cosmetics in Mary Jo K Review Swatch

Top: Mary Jo K Lip Pencil 
Bottom: Mary Jo K Matte Liquid Lipstick

Kylie Cosmetics in Mary Jo K Review Swatch

Left to right: Kylie Cosmetics Mary Jo K lip pencil & matte liquid lipstick, Anastasia Beverly Hills American Doll, MAC Cosmetics Retromatte in Dance With Me, Lime Crime Red Velvet, Sleek Makeup Old Hollywood, MAC Cosmetics Ruby Woo

Kylie Cosmetics in Mary Jo K Review Swatch

Mary Jo K Lip Kit Review
Let's start with packaging. The lip liner and the matte liquid lipstick look great. They don't look luxurious or amazing, but they're okay for me. Kylie Cosmetics isn't considered high-end as far as I know.

The lip pencil's cap is quite securing. I mean, I do have to push the cap a little more in... just so that it doesn't come off inside my makeup kit. Also, do note that the lip pencil is not retractable and it needs to be sharpened. Hmm... I think that's a good idea since you can really draw some fine lines when you sharpen it and if you ever decide to overdraw your lips just like Kylie. 

For the matte liquid lipstick, the packaging is cute with the dripping design. And no matter how hard I try to shake the liquid inside, it seems to be air-tight, so as you can see on the picture, there's still a gap inside the liquid lipstick. This comes with a small doe foot applicator which is easy to use and it absorbs a lot of product, so I don't really need to dip the brush again.

For the texture and formula, the lip pencil is described as being ultra-long wearing and that it has a creamy texture. The first time I tried it on, I was like "wow" this lip pencil is really amazing. The description in the website is spot on. It really is super creamy, pigmented, moisturizing, and it glides on your lips. It doesn't tug my lips or whatsoever. Just within the first five seconds of using the Kylie Cosmetics lip pencil, it went to the top of my list. This is the best lip pencil/liner I've used.

Now for the matte liquid lipstick, it's described as having high intensity pigment, being extremely long wearing, and that it contains moisturizing ingredients for a comfortable, emollient and silky feel that does not dry your lips out. Big words and big claims right?

As of this moment, the best matte liquid lipstick for me would be Anastasia Beverly Hills (click here) and I feel like the Kylie Cosmetics liquid lipstick is quite similar to ABH. Mary Jo K matte liquid lipstick feels super light on the lips, it's uber pigmented, it doesn't apply patchy, it doesn't magnify dry areas of the lips, it dries powdery matte, and it's a little moisturizing. My lips feel okay throughout the day.

Actually, I think these two products are already great when used alone. But the moment I used both of them, I felt the "hype" that everyone seems to be talking about. You see, the lip pencil--you know, the one that's super moisturizing and just glides on your lips--yup, that lip pencil offers a satin finish... and then you decided to apply a powdery matte liquid lipstick on top of it... and what's the outcome? You may have just produced a very comfortable satin feeling lipstick BUT with a powdery matte looking finish. Yup. It feels super comfy but it dried matte. And yes, that feeling would last hours on the lips. 

I suggest get the lip kit. Don't just get the matte liquid lipstick. The lip liner really makes a HUGE difference and I swear, you will feel it. Is it worth the hype? With both those products combined, I'm gonna have to say yes.

Any cons for the Kylie Cosmetics lip kit--aside from being expensive? It transfers when you eat. So, Anastasia Beverly Hills really beat Kylie Cosmetics when it came to that aspect. But don't worry, because it doesn't completely disappear after eating. Let's say after lunch, it still looks great. But when you decide to have another meal, you'll just see the color transferring on everything. It didn't give me a lip liner look though... I still had some color inside the lips, thanks to the lip pencil. It just looked faded on the inner parts of the lips.

So again, I suggest getting the lip kit just because the lip pencil makes a huge difference...and yes, the hype is real. Oh, and don't believe the dupes you see online. They said ABH American Doll is a dupe for Mary Jo K, but it's not... For the lip pencil, MAC Ruby Woo lipstick is definitely a dupe as you can see on the picture above.

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