5 July 2016

What I've been doing this June

I've been a little occupied with work, movies, and shopping this June.

The Conjuring 2
I love horror movies and James Wan has become one of my favorite people. I just love his take on horror films. The Conjuring 2 was so fun. I'd like to thank my dear friend, Von, for accompanying me. He wanted to watch Finding Dory and I wanted to watch this. Obviously, I won, and he hates me for it.

Now You See Me 2
I can call myself a true fan of this movie. BF and I watched this at the cinemas when it was showing here a few years back. It wasn't really popular then. When this movie came out on DVD, everybody suddenly jumped at the bandwagon claiming how good it was and all. But heck, they didn't even bother to watch this at the cinema, so yup, they're not real fans. I adore James Franco and I have a crush on him.

Me Before You
This is a movie where Game of Thrones, Hunger Games, and Harry Potter all met. I love all of those movies and books. I've read some Harry Potter books and I finished the Hunger Games wayy before it was made into a film. Sadly, I haven't read any GOT, but I've been watching that series for years. 

Me Before You is quite light. The only scenes where I busted a tear or so was when the parents were arguing about how the dad could support his son wanting to commit suicide, and also the last part when he was dying and he gave Lou his will so she could spread her wings and see the world. This is quite light and I love it. If I was in Will Traynor's place, I would've chosen to do the same.

Also, it's been a long time since I posted a haul, so for the month of June, here's where my money went...

Maybelline had a recent sale of their lipsticks and I got each of these for PHP 199. I was curious about these rose colored lipsticks, so I got the shade Soft Pink. First impression? A light pink color, dries matte, doesn't dry my lips out, but longevity is "meh". I also got another shade from the nude lipstick line. I've been eyeing this lipstick for a while now and I finally got NU37. It's a perfect nude that has a satin finish. It's not drying on the lips and the lasting power would be 2 to 3 hours. A little peachy on my lips, but I like it.

I also went to Benefit Cosmetics in Alabang Town Center and saw their newest brow products. They released a LOT of new brow products and I've made a separate blog post + a little tour of the Benefit Cosmetics ATC shop.

H&M also had a sale, and of course I had to shop. I've been waiting for them to open stores here in the country, but I found their pricing a little too high compared to their stores abroad. I was even thinking I'd rather shop abroad since the tax is a little lower. But when they had a sale, I knew I had to get some new clothes. After all, I'm not really a Forever 21 girl. I'm a little more H&M.

Another product that I bought was the Heliocare Pure White Radiance capsules. My dermatologist recommended these capsules to help lighten my scars and pigmentation (click here for my Derma Diaries) so, I bought it! These capsules are not cheap at all. It's to be taken twice a day, so 60 capsules would only last a month. This retails for PHP 3,000 and it's only available on derm clinics. I've been only trying this for almost two weeks, so I can't really post a whole review about this.

Oh, and did you know that Cathy Doll Philippines is in the country already? There's a stall in Robinsons Department Store in Festival Mall and also Watsons in SM Southmall. I bought an eye serum, which BF will use. I also bought their sunblock and two moisturizers. I just wanted to try them and see what the buzz is about.

Last but not the least, here's what I bought from Watsons. I've tried a few things out already, so here's some first impressions:

1. Gluta C Toner - I wanted something that would help lighten my neck area and hello, I'm not going to use my Epifager cream for the neck. It's just too expensive for neck area. So, I hope this Gluta C Toner works. It's a little expensive compared to other local toners. I just started using it this week.

2. Derm Aid Foot Deodorant Spray - I got both for only PHP 109 because it was on sale for buy 1, take 1. So far, I've used these a few times and good to know it works.

3. Wish Foot Blush Spray - I've always wanted to try this and I don't know why. Haha. I know it's not a need, but it actually works in making your foot soles a little pink. It also says that it can help in deodorizing... haven't tested it out much for that claim. 

4. Sassy Nail Polish - This is one of my favorite nail polish brands just because it's easy to use, easy to remove, and it's super affordable at PHP 20 each. I already own a lot of nail polishes from Sassy and their gray one is my favorite.

5. Maybelline Candy Wow Lip Balm - I love Maybelline lip balms. They're the only lip balms I use and they've reached holy grail status in my stash. Next time though, I'll be buying the normal sized one since this lip crayon packaging isn't really my thing.

So yup, there goes all my money for June. I hope we have a healthy and blessed July!

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