23 July 2016

Derma Diaries 7 Week Skin Update

How are you guys? I know I haven't been blogging a lot--or at all. I'm just so busy at work. I'm sorry. I'm working at least 12 hours a day, sometimes even more. I'm just so tired when I get home. I basically just eat dinner, wash the dishes then go back to sleep because in a few hours I have to get back to work again. 

I work Tuesdays to Saturdays but I'm off-set right now... meaning I don't have work today this Sat, then I have Monday to Saturday next week. Cool right? Nerrr... Yesterday, the moment I woke up, I said to myself "I'm tired of being tired" Hahaha. Anyway, that's why I haven't been replying to you guys, to your e-mails or DMs. And for the comments, I really don't see them guys, so if you have questions, do DM me or e-mail me. 

So let's get on to my skin update!! You guys might be surprised that I posted a selfie on Instagram and it's like "WOW ANG KINIS MO NA!" Haha. But not really... The truth is I'm just great at putting concealer on. I can actually qualify myself to be a Concealer Queen already.

Here's a selfie without filters and as in zero beauty tool. My phone has an automatic filter whenever I take selfies. I usually have a #3 or #4 for the skin smoothening tool, but I opted for #0 on these pictures. 

For all of my other selfie pictures, I never choose anything more than #4. I still want to see my imperfections and blemishes and hey, I don't want you to not recognize me when I'm at the mall. Lol. I've had people approach me at Alabang and ask me if I blog. Haha.

Here's my I just got home selfie with full makeup (it's the first time I wore full makeup since my acne allergy) I went to the Maybelline V-Face Launch event that day. I used my best oil-control products that day and all of them worked great. 

Concealer: Suesh Green Concealer & Pink Sugar Concealer
Eyeliner: L'Oreal Gel Eyeliner

With full makeup on and bare face. I made the all the redness go away by using green concealer. I told you guys you need to try it! Haha. Click here for my Suesh green concealer review.

All my acne are gone and all the redness that you see are scars! Sigh. Blemishes and pigmentation have always been a problem of mine. If I pop a pimple or not, it would still leave a scar. This applies to mosquito bites too. It would tend to scar. 

I'm still using the same skincare routine from my derma, click here. I just had my appointment with her yesterday and she said that the Epifager was quite slow on redness and she wants to change that medicine. For the Depigmenting lotions, instead of using it every night, she wants me to use it just thrice a week. I'd still apply benzoyl peroxide for any acne that I would still have, but I really have less now... like probably five or six small ones.

I think that the Epifager worked really great on making the dark red scars turn pink/light pink. But if the doctor said it seems to be slow, then I'm like go... let's change the medicine. Whatever works best! Haha. My fraxel laser is moved to August 13 since I still have so many meetings to go to. She said that topical anesthesia would be applied for almost an hour, and the procedure is just like 15 minutes. I'll be having the laser treatment at her clinic in SM Mall of Asia. 

Hmm... as for the Heliocare pills, you know, those pills that are supposed to work like magic because they're super expensive. I didn't notice that my skin whitened or anything. But for the scars and blemishes on my face, I guess they did--I guess they work in lessening pigmentation... and my skin does look healthier. I mean I've been super stressed working like 12 to 14 hours a day + I only sleep for 4 hours, and my skin doesn't look super haggard. I guess it works in that way.

So yeah, I'll just post another update after my fraxel laser treatment. Keep the questions coming guys! And yes, it's only been 7 weeks and my skin already looks great compared to the first 3 weeks.