4 June 2016

An X-Men - Colourpop Juju Rouge Sunday

Ever wondered what a southie does on Sundays? 

When they don't have plans, they hit Festival Mall in Alabang, watch a movie and score some buy 1 get 1 drinks from Seattle's Best.

My go-to for coffee would always be mocha, but when it comes to Seattle's Best, it's gotta be coffee jelly.

Ohh, and I'm wearing Colourpop Juju Rouge. Watcha think? I'm loving the shade. I thought Colourpop Bichette (review here) would be darker but I was wrong. 

I don't know why so many people are pissed with the X-Men movie. Can't they move on with the reset button thing? Lol. And damn, I never thought Sansa Stark would play Jean Grey. I thought she'd be just a normal mutant on the movie. Way to go Sansa! You've nailed a great role! 

New favorite characters would totally be Quicksilver, Jean Grey (even though I really really really hate the Jean from the old movies... hello... Cyclops was totally hot. Why ditch him!? Lol) ooh, ooh and I'm also loving the new Cyclops. Take note, JLaw and Nicholas Hoult in the Nth movie together... can they just get back together please? Haha.

P.S. Colourpop Juju Rouge stayed through the whole coffee jelly drink + movie snacks and no need for retouch!

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