13 June 2016

Fashion 21 Water Resistant Liquid Eyeliner

Fashion 21 Water Resistant Liquid Eyeliner Review

It's been a long time since I used a tube-type liquid eyeliner. And when I say it's been a long time, I mean it's already been two years since I used one. I'm a fan of Fashion 21 and I remember I used their old water proof liquid eyeliner two years ago. You can click here to see my review.

But for today's review, let's talk about their new Fashion 21 Water Resistant Liquid Eyeliner. Let's see how the formula is and if this eyeliner can stay the whole day.

Fashion 21 Water Resistant Liquid Eyeliner Review

Have you noticed that they changed their logo and packaging? It looks great and modern!

Fashion 21 Water Resistant Liquid Eyeliner Review

Their eyeliner comes with a long wand and a super thin brush tip.

Fashion 21 Water Resistant Liquid Eyeliner Review

I have two colors with me, Brown and Black. The brown looks kind of reddish but dries a darker brown while the black is a super jet black color. 

Fashion 21 Water Resistant Liquid Eyeliner Review
Wearing the Fashion 21 Double Up Mascara and their Water Resistant Liquid Eyeliner in Brown in this photo.

Fashion 21 Water Resistant Liquid Eyeliner Review
Let's talk about the packaging because I am loving their new logo and this just looks so sheek compared to the previous one. They both sport the same tube-type-kind but I think this eyeliner tube is smaller. This also has a long wand and a fine brush tip but I think this wand's brush is a little thinner compared to the previous. You can definitely be able to make a sharp cat eye if you want to. 

When it comes to the formula, I'm going to have to say this is new and completely different compared to the old one. I remember the older one drying a little slower and being a little more matte-r. Meanwhile, this is very liquidy and it dries super fast, so you have to be quick. If you made a mistake or missed something, it is buildable, so you can just layer it over. Do note that you might feel a little tugging when you're layering the drier parts. Also, this doesn't dry matte. It dries like a gel and it's more of a glossy finish.

Both of the eyeliner colors are super pigmented. Black is a true jet black, and the brown is a reddish brown that darkens in color as it dries.

Now, does it smudge? Nope... just like today, I forgot that I was wearing eyeliner and when I rubbed my eyes, I felt the sticky-gel texture of the eyeliner. I stopped, looked at the mirror and yup... the eyeliner didn't rub off or anything. It's staying strong! 

Is it waterproof? I haven't tried wearing it to a wedding, so I'm not sure yet. But I can that it is sweatproof. I also swatched these on my arms while I was giving my dog a bath. And once I was done, I looked at the swatches and it's like nothing even happened. Hmm... I think it has something to do with their gel-like formula.

Any cons? I've become so used to pen-type eyeliners so much that I've forgotten how to use these. I was kind of nervous in using the long wand, but I applied my eyeliner without hassle. Whew! Also, when I'm trying to build up the color, I felt a little tugging when I was trying to connect it to the dry parts. You also need an oil-based makeup remover for this one since it's super longlasting on the lids.

Overall thoughts? Brown liquid eyeliners are hard to come by in the market and this is something you should try. The brown looks very muted and looks great with a natural or a barely-there makeup look. If you want something more eye-catching, you can opt for the black color since it's super pigmented too. So, if you're looking for an affordable water resistant and smudge proof eyeliner, this one's a good choice. This retails at PHP 135 and is available at all Fashion 21 counters.

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