20 June 2016

Derma Diaries: Skincare Routine + Before & After the Facial

We're now into week 3 of my Derma Diaries!

It's been 3 long weeks since I consulted a doctor, so let's do a recap! First week (click here), I learned that I had an allergic reaction which manifested to an acne breakout. I applied topical medicine to "burn" the breakout which lead me to have a super red, swelling, and bumpy face. On week 2, (click here) my doctor decided to "clean" my face which would normally be called a facial and I've also included a picture here for a reference. Now we're into week 3 and I'm going to share my skincare routine.

Last June 17, I came back to my doctor for a checkup expecting that she'd do another facial on me. But nope... she's decided that it would be best if I start "lightening the scars" now. Hallelujah! What a relief right!? Haha. According to her, my face is still red but it's quite smooth on some parts. The red areas on my face are actually scars now. 

Do you know what that means? This is progress!!! I could actually see the light at the end of the tunnel now! Haha. But seriously guys, I really have seen progress on my skin now that we're on the third week. For lightening the scars, she added two skincare products in my routine. I also asked her what other options I had to quicken the lightening of scars, and she suggested I could do a Fraxel laser treatment which would be once a month (it would cost about PHP 4,000 per session) or I could take Heliocare Pure White Radiance, a capsule you intake that has anti-aging and whitening properties, and also SPF (which would cost PHP 3,000). 

Anyway, let's discuss my skincare routine first since they really did a lot of the work for me.


1. Acne Defense Gel Wash (Day & Night)
Week 1: The first week would have to be the hardest. This product is a clear gel and it's my facial wash now. It contains Benzoyl Peroxide and Clindamycin, so it kind of stung my face whenever I used it. If you can see the description on the bottle, this take out pimples & stubborn acne. I guess it's true because it really did make everything come out. My doctor did warn me about it, and she said that the next skincare product would aid this acne defense gel wash on doing its job.

Week 2: I had a facial that week and using this product hurt a little. But definitely better compared to week 1. Yup. Tiis ganda.

Week 3: This product does not sting my face anymore. I have fewer bumps and even though my skin is still reddish, it's already smooth.

2-3. Depigmenting Lotions 1 and 2 (Night only)
These two toners reminded me of my dermatologist when I was still in college. Usually #1 would be for bleaching and #2 would act as a peeling oil. But that was not the case here. Both products are used for bleaching and I guess these products gave me the "burnt" feeling. These two products would have to be inside the fridge and you are never to use this under room temperature. I think these two products really dried up my face but it left it colored red.

They sting a little bit and they're quite drying. They didn't really act as a peeling oil but they did help in exfoliation.

This was my face after the facial (week 2) and the photo on the right is week 3. Most of the red parts are already scars and they're actually super smooth. The white bumps are still acne though and I apply benzoyl peroxide on them.

Now, for the two new skincare additions which were just added last June 17, I now have a cream for lightening the red scars and I have benzoyl peroxide for the white acne bumps.


4. Epifager Forte Whitening Cream (Day & Night)
This doesn't sting or peel my skin. This white cream feels super cold and it's absorbed quite fast. My doctor told me this would make the red scars turn pink and hopefully, we can see some "real skin" color soon.


5. Benzoyl Peroxide 2.5%
Actually this is supposed to be the 4th step but I just find that applying Epifager first to the whole red area is easier--and then I'll just spot those with Benzoyl Peroxide after. My doctor decided that since I had fewer white acne bumps, it could already be spot treated. This doesn't hurt or anything and I find that it dries up pimples quite fast... mabilis siya makahinog ng pimples.

So now, we're starting week 3--the scar lightening process and I'm scheduled for a checkup on July 1. I hope everything goes well. For making my skin recover quicker, I am considering to buy the Heliocare Pure White Radiance. I'm actually quite scared of intaking any pills or health supplements now, but since she recommended it, I may buy it. My doctor doesn't push me to buy any products or whatever. It's just me who's makulit and asking what else we can do. I really want to get over this hurdle! Haha. 

As for Fraxel laser... hmm... it's quite expensive at 4K but my officemate does Fraxel every now and then. She says it's worth every penny. She too had really bad acne (bumpy moon-face as she would call it) and she said Fraxel laser is really good for lightening scars and getting rid of the bumps. Maybe I'll try it once just to see how effective it is. I don't know yet. We will see!

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Thank you for those who have been supporting me in my Derma Diaries... those who are asking me how's my skin now etc. I think my next post would be about the product that ruined my life...err... my skin, so stay tuned for that!

Here's quick snapchat of my face in recovery! See you on the next post!