17 June 2016

Derma Diaries: No Pain, No Gain!

This will be a post about Tiis Ganda!

June 8
So last Wednesday, I went back to Asian Hospital to see my doctor and she's glad that my forehead area is already burnt... err... I meant to say that the medicines have already dried up the area... there's less acne popping up from there. (I'll make a separate post for the skin care routine I currently have, and a little description about the products I'm using!)

She wanted to "clean" my face up that day and I knew what she meant already. Cleaning is the less scarier way of saying she wants to prick every piece of pimple I had on the face with a needle and then, push the skin together so the pus would come out. Haha. I know I described it very graphically, I'm sorry for not sugarcoating, but that's really what happens. Anyway, I knew there wasn't really another choice since my acne was coming from within, so I guess I just had to go through the manual pricking. I told her I'll come back on Friday. 

June 10
Come Friday, I was really trying to zone my mind for the pain that I'm going to go through that afternoon. Straight from work, I went to the doctor already and we started the "procedure" and it hurt AF! I consider myself to be a little tough, but I assure you, that facial will make you cry. The forehead area hurt the least and what hurt the most was when she was pricking the acne on the sides of my face. The whole facial lasted for about an hour.

My doctor was very careful and she'd always ask me if I was okay. One time, she asked "kaya pa ba?" and of course I answered back "doc, wala akong choice!" Hahaha. It's true. TIIS GANDA is very true! I told myself, to just get this over with and it will all be better soon! The sooner, the better! At one point I even told her, doc, let's just pause for a while, I'll cry first. Hahaha. It's okay. Crying is okay and expected during procedures like this. Lol.

I'm quite hesitant to post a picture, but I guess you could just google images after a facial and you'll see what happened. After the pricking, my doctor even injected some pimples because she said that that would help flatten the pimple. After two injections I was like doc, I don't think I can handle this. I asked her how many more does she need to inject and she was like "only two more" so I agreed that okay, after two shots, I'm done and outta here.

After the injection session, she applied some serum on my face--I think it was called endocare--not sure but it sounded like that. It's a serum that she'd put on her patients after a facial to help the swelling. She then gave me a face mask for my puffy face and then the gave some more consultation.

I was to continue my 3-step skincare routine, acne gel facial wash, and two depigmenting lotions, and I was also to take antibiotics of doxycyclin and antihistamines for a month. I thought the doctor was joking but yup, it's true... one month of antibiotics being twice a day and once a day of antihistamine.

Want me to talk about expenses or anything under the sun? Just e-mail me. Haha. It's not cheap but it's not super expensive either... plus she's straight to the point just like me. Lol. I'm really liking this doctor and she's super nice too! Okay, so far I've received e-mail questions about what product did I drink, who is my doctor, what is my new skincare routine, what's my dosage, how's the progress been etc. 

I want to thank everyone who've sent super nice and supportive messages. Thank you so much. You don't know how much it means to me. One time I was reading it at the offices with my head down (because I'm ashamed of my face) and when I read the message, I smiled and got teary-eyed. So, thank you so much babes! Thank you!

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