6 June 2016

BDJ Box Elite May 2016 Revlon Summer Love

This is my second beauty box from BDJ and once again, it's quite disappointing.

I first tried their beauty box service in May 2014 (click here) and upon getting my box then, it left me quite unhappy.

Fast forward 2016, they're now curating an elite box--of course at a much expensive price at PHP 1,500+ and history just repeats itself. I'm unimpressed with this box and their service. This is supposed to be a MAY box but it came to our house JUNE.

And let me tell you, a lot of people are pissed with their service right now. I even asked them for a refund because hello, it's June already and the box is nowhere to be found. Isn't that breaking a contract from the consumer-seller POV or something? Shouldn't we be compensated for them not being able to deliver satisfactory service?

I didn't even realize that there was a lot of complaints until I started reading the comments from posts. A lot of people are pissed because BDJ Box promised to post sneak peaks and reveal items one by one or even the brand itself, but instead, they kept on posting other products for another box or quotes and they totally ignored inquires on their page. Ohh, I already mentioned that this box came late right? I read some funny comments but really spot on like "we didn't wait weeks for a delayed box with tweezers and a nail file." If there was a like or heart button on it, I would've been someone who already clicked it. Mind you, their reason for having delayed boxes was because the boxes itself were late or something like that. Ohh, there weren't even stickers anymore or GCs like before. I guess that's a thing now.

Anyway, here's what they sent me:

I already saw what the others got in their boxes, so it was no surprise to me when I opened this. I just hoped that the lipstick color was different because I do not wear neon pink lipsticks. I opened the box and my first reaction was like "Darn it. I think almost everyone got that same color. Is this a color that isn't being bought widely so they just had to send it to us instead?" Tsk!

Overall, still unimpressed with BDJ Box's service. I still think that they give us "generic" beauty boxes. I mean why bother taking the survey at all when it's not going to cater to you? I'm not dissing Revlon, I like the brand, but I'm kind of pissed at BDJ for giving out products that you won't even use.

Was the box worth it? Hmm. It's not impressive but I'm okay with what I got. I think it could've been so much better and a little more special for each of us but yeah, this is what we got. 

Would I subscribe again to BDJ Box? Not in the near future. I think I'll try out the other beauty boxes first and see what their service is like.

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