6 June 2016

Acne Breakout Caused by Allergies

Sometimes when you think that you're almost at the finish line, life has to F you up and put a really big hurdle in front of you. Can you believe that just a month ago I was that girl on the left? And now... I'm that girl dealing with A LOT of acne because as it turns out, I was allergic to an organic drink.

How it started? You know those organic juices or those health supplements that claim to cure this, cure that... if you have high cholesterol, high sugar or if you have a hormonal imbalance, all you have to do is drink this product and all your problems would be solved! F them! For crying out loud, they even claimed that they could make a bedridden person walk again. Again, F them!

Me, coming from a medical-related family, of course I didn't believe that shit. We know those products have no therapeutic claims and most of the time, they don't work. 

One day, I decided that I wanted to get healthy. I wanted to exercise and have a healthy diet because I find that I'm just too tired after work. I knew my bad eating habits and lack of exercise were causing me this and so boyfie comes in and introduces this product. Actually, he's been drinking that for quite some time now and he's been bugging me for years to try that organic juice. I've always said no to him because I honestly don't believe in the claims but I said okay, I'll try it out.

I drank that for two weeks straight and I noticed that I was having a lot of bumps on the sides of my face. I told him I think I'm allergic to it but then he said maybe that's just the detoxification kicking in. I stopped for a week, and then I drank it again for a full week. That's when the face bumps became really big and gross that I decided to stop it and see a dermatologist.

Et voila, the first question asked by the dermatologist was "is it itchy?" I said yes, and then after her diagnosis, she got to a conclusion that this acne was caused by an allergic reaction. She said that I needed to take antibiotics, antihistamines and she gave me new skin care products. I have a new acne gel face wash containing benzoyl peroxide and clindamycin, and I also got two depigmentation lotions in liquid form. It cost me about PHP 4,000 just for all of the medicines and the skin care products. 

I'm going back again this Wednesday to the hospital and see what next steps we would need to take. My face's status right now looks like I had acne chicken pox with drying pus on the face. It's also red and burnt because the new skin care products are trying to dry out all the acne. I don't know if she would prick all the acne on Wednesday or she'd give me new medication. All I know is that she'd burn and dry out all the acne first, and then peel the whole skin after. 

I'm so insecure right now with myself. I walk with my head bowed down because I don't want people to see my chicken pox face. I look so ugly. The skin care products hurt both literally and monetarily. And I don't want people to see me and recognize me because I'd get the "what happened to you!?" question.

I really hate that drink and I vowed that I won't drink anymore supplements (as I live) because as it turns out, I'm allergic to some "organic" ingredients. I'd rather die because of working out, than eat or drink those kinds or products again. 

Sigh. A month ago I almost got rid of all of my blemishes and now, I look worse than s#it. I will update you guys on what will happen on Wednesday! I really hope everything comes back to normal.

Adieu for now.

Oh, and I've decided to call my journey Derma Diaries. I will be posting updates whenever I have a check-up with my dermatologist. This will be considered as the first post, so I'm welcoming all of you to my acne journey and my Derma Diaries! You may click here for the whole story and updates.