16 May 2016

Ever Bilena Shine Lipsticks Review and Swatches

I'd like to thank everyone for joining the #EVERBILENAXMAJXDENICE giveaway. It's now come to an end and here's quick thoughts on the lipsticks that the winner is going to receive!

Here's my collection of the Ever Bilena Shine Lipsticks.

These lippies are matte on the outside but moisturizing on the inside. They do have a shine/gloss on them because of the balm in the middle of the lipsticks. I know that a lot of people depot these lippies and remove the balm so they can use this matte. These lipsticks are very affordable being less than PHP 100, quite sheer but buildable and can stay on the lips for about 3 hours. They do stain a little bit, but I like re-applying them after eating. 

Dazzling Orchid

If you're into purple lipsticks, this is one of the most affordable and wearable purples ones you could try in the market. I believe I bought it last 2015.

Pink Temptress

This shade kind of surprised me. It doesn't have that shine like the others do. Could it pass as matte on the lips? Yes. But it still has the moisture because of the balm in the middle. It's quite a pretty pink to wear.

Flaming Red

If you look at the bigger swatch, this shade definitely has a lot of "shine" on it. No glitters, but your lips will definitely look a little red-orange with shimmers. Frosted orange. 

Blazing Fever

Blazing Fever is one of the prettiest shades out of the collection. The bullet looks kind of dark and maroon, but it turned out to be a bluish-red instead. This is a must try out of the lipsticks since it's very pigmented too.

Lustrous Red

Lustrous Red's finish just looks like Flaming Red. It has shimmers in it but your lips would look more like a frosted red. Still no glitters though. 

Foxy Garnet

Just like Pink Temptress, this shade looks quite matte and it's a must-try color! If you want to snag the Kylie Jenner look but you're not sure if brownish-red lips look good on you, you can try on Foxy Garnet first. I don't know when Ever Bilena released this lipstick shade, but I believe this came out before Kylie had that trend going on :)

Brilliant Pink

Again, for the shining shimmering gang, Flaming Red for a red-orange; Lustrous Red for a red; and definitely Brilliant Pink for frosted pink lips. 

Just a recap of the Ever Bilena Shine Lipsticks.

And now for the winner who will receive these lipsticks (with the exception of Dazzling Orchid), congratulations to Angelica Datang. Way to go girl! You really wanted these lippies and now they're yours. Please send me an e-mail at with your name, shipping information and contact number. 

Thank you to everyone who joined and do stay tuned for the upcoming giveaways!

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