26 May 2016

Acne Update + SkinWhite #USpark Campaign

Sorry guys if I haven't been blogging much.

Someone just told me to put Zonrox on my face and scrub my pimples with steel wool.

Yup. It happened. Although it was meant to be a joke and a conversation starter aside from the "what happened to your face!?" usual question I get, it kind of hurt. Dealing with acne for about 9 years now (I got it since I was 16) I'm kind of used to people judging me on how horrible my face is, how bad my hygiene was, how I should be using this, that--or the opposite, how I shouldn't be applying this, that and the list goes on. What was going through my mind at that exact moment was "Great. Starting a convo by humiliating me in front of these people."

Aside from the quarter life crisis that I have to go through right now, I have a bonus problem which is acne. Good job world... you've made my life more miserable. It's difficult looking at the mirror and seeing the horror happening on your face. You're already trying your best to control it with the various products you have, but what's harder is going out of the house and trying to pretend it doesn't bother you. I've had pretty good skin a month ago, but in just two weeks, bam! A major acne breakout happened. 

Now, as much as I don't want to go out of the house, I do have work and I have to show up for it. I apply my green correctors to even out the redness, my heavy coverage concealers, put on brows and hope the day ends and I get to go home without anybody noticing me. I feel insecure when I see people staring at me. I don't even know what they're staring at. Is it me walking or are they looking at the acne on my face? I even heard someone say "she could've been pretty but she has a lot of acne." And just like that, because I have acne, I couldn't be considered beautiful anymore.

Is this really who we are now? Just putting down others...bullying...girl shaming...?

This is why I'd like to invite everyone to join the SkinWhite USpark campaign. It's about girls inspiring girls. Instead of putting down others, why not just put yourself in their shoes and imagine what they've been going through? Do you really need to say something bad about someone just to make your friends laugh? Do you really need to point out the flaws of others just so you can make a statement that you're better than them? Is that really the person you want to become? You surround yourself with people who act like you and I'm sure that once you turn your back, they'll be saying these kinds of things about you too. 

So why not just stop? Just stop the shaming, the bullying, just stop the negativity. Why not say good things instead and inspire others to do the same? If you surround yourself with positive people and kind words, wouldn't this world be a better place to live in?

I'm actually on a quest to do a good deed everyday. Good deeds don't even need to come in form of monetary donations or material things. It can be as simple as helping someone with directions, saying what a good job someone is doing or just something positive about another person to make their day. 

Now, if you're a negatron and you're always finding flaws in others, here's a tip to turn that attitude around. Instead of saying something bad, just keep it to yourself. Ever heard of the saying "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all?" By keeping those negative words to yourself for even just a minute, I'm sure you'll be able to avoid conflict and hurting people. 

So again, I'm inviting you to join SkinWhite's USpark campaign. Let's stop the negativity and the girl shaming and let's be just girls inspiring other people.

Now for the acne update! Okay, so I don't even want to show you guys how horrible my acne is without makeup, but here's how I look like these days... 

By an upfront picture, I look okay because my acne isn't much on the cheeks. It's actually on the sides of the forehead, sides of the face and especially the chin area. Oh, and I guess I've become really good in using concealers. Still hate the pimple bumps though! Blemishes and scars are hands down easier to conceal. 

Motd: Banila Co Prime Primer in Purity which is for sensitive skin. Suesh green corrector and Pink Sugar's Our lil Secret for concealers. To even it all out, I applied The Face Shop Oil Control CC Cushion which I am loving right now. I used Anastasia Dipbrow pomade, and set it off with Banila Co's Primer Finish Powder which feels so smooth and amazing on skin. For the lips, I opted for MAC Twig and for blush, I'm using MAC Springsheen. 

Forgive me for this picture, but I had to crop my nephew's picture just because he's still a baby. Anyway, this is a better picture to show my acne bumps on the sides of my face. It goes from the forehead to the temples + from the ear lobe all the way to the chin. Mind you, this is both sides of the face. Can I just say it's everywhere right now.

Now, there could be a lot of things that caused my breakout and here's my suspects:
1. My horrible lifestyle and diet.
2. An organic drink called Intra since this breakout happened when I started drinking it.
3. My hair. I've been growing it out and this might have irritated the skin.

I'm very certain that it's not my makeup products. Why? I've been using the same products routinely before this horrible event happened, so I'm pretty sure it wasn't their fault. I've used a ton of skin care products and nothing seems to be working. Good thing I don't have too much cystic acne since those take forever to heal. What I have are bumpy ones with white heads on them. It's like a mesh of bumps on my face. It's literally an army.

Currently using my Safeguard acne facial wash and Pasjel. I just bought The Body Shop's Tea Tree Oil and it makes my skin look red so I might have to stop it. I really think that these pimples are the effect of the antioxidants I'm taking. I'm going to stop those medicines today and if all else fails in a month, I'll go back to the dermatologist. If you have product suggestions, please let me know. I would appreciate it!

*I hope I can go back to blogging soon. I still have drafted back posts, so I'll go through those first. And since I can't blog much about beauty and makeup products right now, I think I'll start a lifestyle section on le blog. I'm actually trying to be healthy right now. And I repeat, trying!