25 April 2016

Summer Makeup + First Impressions

I always hear people saying you should wear SPF everyday. It's very important for your skin.

I wasn't such a believer then, because SPF usually meant that icky, gooey feeling and that ultimate white face you wear to the beach. But now, the beauty world has made it possible to have SPF not only in our skincare products, but also in our makeup products.

I have oily-combination skin and because of that, I would always pick matte foundations, mattifying primers and powders, matte lipsticks and so on. Just everything matte! But today, I got tired of all my matte products. I thought okay, let me gather most of my moisturizing products and makeup with SPF, and let's see what the beauty world has given us.

Sunday MOTD. My gad, beauty sleep is real! Even BF noticed that getting 8 hours of sleep made my face brighter and look healthier. (I normally get 4 hours of sleep and yes, I do look like a zombie).

Today, I thought I'd use some new products stuck in my dresser and give them a try. Some, I've been using for a while but most of these are new. First up...

1. iWhite Korea Aqua Moisturizer Whitening Vita - This is my everyday moisturizer and I love the cooling sensation it gives off once it touches my face. 

If your skin also got burnt this summer, here's a quick tip for you. It takes about 2-4 weeks for your skin to heal, so for the mean time, pop this Aqua Moisturizer in the fridge before application. Not only will it hydrate your skin, it will also soothe the stinging feeling you have.

2. Biore UV Perfect Bright Milk - I noticed something this summer. It seems like I'm getting small bumps on the places where I put primer on. I'm pretty sure it's not my foundation/BB cream, so I decided to just stop using my primer. As a substitute, I'm now using my Biore UV Perfect Bright Milk as a makeup base. It provides SPF 50 and it doesn't make my face super white. 

Remember that time at the beach when your mom asked you to put sunblock on? Once you stepped out into the sun, it just felt like your face was super icky and the product is melting off. 

Biore UV Perfect Bright Milk isn't like that. It's super easy to apply, very lightweight on skin and it dries matte. Bonus points because this product offers oil control and doesn't make my face look super white.

3. Benefit Cosmetics Big N Easy BB Cream - I am amazed by this product and I will buy this full-sized.

It's actually my second time trying this product out and I'm still amazed with the oil control. This product has SPF 35, dries powdery matte, and I actually didn't have the need to finish off my face makeup with my Ben Nye powder. I still need concealer for my blemishes, but this just made my face look very healthy, radiant, my-skin-but-better, and it offered amazing oil control throughout the summer heat. I'm super willing to shell out big bucks for this product.

4. Benefit Cosmetics Shy Beam Highlighter - This product came from the Operation Pore-Proof set at Luxola/Sephora Philippines. If you're new to the highlighting game and you're afraid you'll look like a disco ball, you can opt for this matte highlighter instead. I always use this on my T-zone. Not only does it highlight my nose bridge, it also has oil control. 

5. Celeteque Blush and Face Contour Kit - This trio basically lives in my office makeup kit and I always use the blush and bronzer from this set. Celeteque made sure that these powders had moisturizing properties in them. They last a very long time on the face and it's very suitable for sensitive and acne-prone skin like mine. Just click here for the whole review. On the picture though, I only used the bronzer for my temples and not the blush.

6. MAC Cosmetics Blush in Springsheen - This is my birthday gift to myself last December. I love my NARS Orgasm but it just keeps breaking. I got the shade Springsheen since they're very similar and gives me that beautiful glow. Whenever I want a glow in the cheeks but don't know what to use NARS, I opt for this.

7. EB Advance Brow Kit - I ditched my Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade today and tried the EB Advance brow kit. Gotta tell you, I'm impressed with how this looked super natural on my brows. 

I used the gel first to keep my sparse brows in place and applied the lightest brow powder on top of it. This kit offers three different brow powder colors and the lightest brow powder matched my hair color perfectly. It also has a mini flat brush applicator, a tweezer, and a brow gel. 

I just loved how it looked super natural and it lasted the whole day. I think I'll test it out this week at the office. Can it withstand a 12-hour wear? We'll see.

8. iWhite Korea Facial Cream Whitening Vita - This is what I'm using for my neck everyday! If you've ever been to a dermatologist, you'll know the struggle of a whiter face and a darker neck. 

Now, instead of applying a bunch of different products on my neck area to even it out, I only use one product, and that's the iWhite Korea Facial Cream Whitening Vita. I just find that it has all that I need. It's a whitening makeup base with SPF 15 and it's moisturizing. A small amount of this product can go a long way. It doesn't dry matte though, so I put powder on top of it.

9. Tanya Burr Cosmetics Lip Gloss in Picnic in the Park - I'm sure you've all heard about Tanya Burr and the hype about her makeup line. The hype is real folks! I now understand where all these people are coming from with the Picnic in the Park lip gloss.

I hate lip gloss and I'm sure somewhere in this blog, I've mentioned that a couple of times. This one though is an exception. This is not sticky and it's very moisturizing on the lips even if the shine is gone. The moisture just stays on your lips for hours.

I honestly can't remember the last time I made a first impressions post, and I was definitely surprised with some of these products. These babies deserve full reviews. I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing about them. Let me know what you want to see first.

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