24 March 2016

Why you need to try a green correcting concealer?

Suesh Concealer
These concealers made me forget about my other brands just because they're easy to use, perform well, and very affordable.

This is my first time using a green correcting concealer. The reason I decided to try one is because of the FX CC Cream, click here for the review. The FX CC Cream is quite green-ish in color and I noticed that it really did cancel out the redness on my face, so what happened was I wanted to use a green concealer to see if it works just the same.

Suesh Concealer

I currently have four concealers from Suesh: The green correcting concealer which I use to cancel out redness of pimples and blemishes. I have two #210 concealers (one pot was a backup) which is almost a match for skin tone -- maybe just a tad darker. And I also got a contour shade in the shade #215, which I'm currently using for a month now and this has replaced my L.A. Girl concealer. I use #215 on the sides of the face especially when the foundations/bb creams I'm using are a little light. You gotta make those bb creams work! :)

Suesh Concealer
Bare skin - Middle is applied with green concealer - Applied #210 on top.

Suesh Concealer
Green concealer on the left - Applied #210 on the right.
Just concealers and brows. No concealers for the eyes nor contour.
For brows, Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade

Suesh Concealer Review
Well, as you can see, using a green concealer isn't too crazy after all. It can be intimidating, but it's actually pretty easy to use. How to know if you're overdoing it? My answer would be if you're starting to look like the witch from Wicked.

How to use a green correcting concealer?
You may find this weird, but I actually apply concealer first before foundation/bb cream. It's a tip I learned from Bobbi Brown. You see, I don't want a heavy and cakey face. All I want is to cover my dark spots and kind of pull it all together and make it work by applying a base foundation. Applying concealer first would determine how much coverage from foundation I really need. This tip helps avoid the dreaded "foundation day" look.

Okay, going back, what you have to do is apply the green correcting concealer on top of your red spots and blemishes first. Let it set a little bit, and then apply your regular concealer on top of the green base. Blend the two colors together and you'll notice that the redness is already cancelled out. If you still see a little bit of green on the skin, just blend it out more. By the time you apply bb cream or foundation, I'm sure it won't be that obvious.

As you can see on the close-up photo above, using a green concealer really does help in covering and cancelling redness. It definitely makes a better base instead of just using your regular concealer or foundation and seeing the red and dark spots pop through. 

What about these Suesh concealers?
I really like them. They retail for about PHP 105 a pan and they come in various shades. They're very soft, creamy, blend very well, and they actually offer coverage that isn't cakey unlike other concealers in the market.

Are they long lasting? I'd say it depends on the weather and how much you sweat. Lol. It can last a whole 10-hour wear, but you can see the concealers faded by the end of the day especially in this weather. If you're in a very cool environment, say you never have to take public transportation (I'm talking about jeepneys here in the south!!) then you're all good. Do note that I have combination skin (oily in T-zone and drier cheeks) and I see the concealers fading at about hour 6 or 7. 

Also, the green concealer doesn't fully cancel out the darker blemishes. The green concealer is for red blemishes and pimple marks. For the darker marks, you either have to use an orange one or a yellow one. It still depends on the blemish. But Suesh also offers correcting concealers for those.

For the contour shade #215, it's working pretty well for me. If I have a foundation that's too light, I can avoid the ghostly face just by applying this concealer on the sides of my face and it makes my face look warmer. For the darker shades though, I think you have to apply these more carefully and with a light hand. They're super pigmented and a little goes a long way.

Overall, great concealers. They're affordable and they do not disappoint in performance. Very pigmented, covers well, creamy, easy to blend and the most important thing, they don't give me breakouts. I've stopped using my other concealers since I got these babies and I want more! Haha. Already waiting for a restock for the green concealer. It's always sold out at ATC.

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